Essay About Why I Am Proud To Be An American

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The America I know isn’t the one that makes headlines for the wrong reasons, creating misconceptions and fueling stereotypes.2. The American I know and love is a global citizen, always seeking to own up when it’s wrong. It's clear-eyed, big-hearted and undaunted by challenge.

It looks to the future with a clear heart and an open mind, a la "Friday Night Lights". I'm optimistic that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word. I am proud to be an American because at least I know I'm free to be me.

He tries, he fails, he faces opposition, he falls, he makes a small difference and he falls. I am proud to be American because despite it all, we are a melting pot of nearly 320 million people who hail from every country on the planet.

We work every day to be better, bolder and wiser.(If you don't believe me, watch this.)I am proud to be American because despite it all, the American Dream is still real.

I can go to church where I want, marry who I want, be who I want to be without fear of being persecuted by the government. It’s heartbreaking to watch the news every day and hear about another act of violence or crime.

Yes, this is Teddy Roosevelt fording a river on mooseback. I can get a job regardless of whether or not I come from the highest social class or the color of my skin or gender.Often I feel as though we aren't appreciative enough to the daily freedoms we take for granted in this great country.We tend to shift our focus on what could be improved in this nation rather than what has been done so that we are able to live a good life here. Although it’s a little rosy-eyed, I still have seen enough people build themselves from nothing to believe that our country’s got a thing for the underdogs. We have freedoms that people in other countries only dream about… I have a blog where I can say whatever I want about who I am and what I believe. I remember my mom telling me that growing up in Trinidad all she wanted to do was come to America where she could do anything and be anything.He worked hard to create a life he could only dream of back in the village he grew up in, and he took my well-educated, badass mom along for the ride.Nearly 40 years later, my family collectively has seven degrees (four Bachelor’s, two Ph Ds, one Ms C), zero debt and one paid-off home to our name.Part of this is also due to the fact that I’m being threatened into exile because of my support of the German soccer team in the FIFA World Cup {sorry, I’m not a home team kind of girl…remember that I’m a Vikings fan from Wisconsin). When you think of an American, does just person come to mind? From airplanes and automobiles to i Phones and deep-fried Twinkies, we Americans are always coming up with ways to make live bigger and better. We’re a nation that has come through a lot, and I believe that optimism will keep us going and enable us to address the problems we currently face. We know how to make fun of ourselves during the good times… Regardless of what makes you proud to be an American, take some time today to love your country and to appreciate those who have given it all to make it possible for you to call this place home.So putting sports aside, here are some of my favorite things about the good old U S of A. We’re a melting pot with people with all different backgrounds, traditions, and stories, and that’s pretty cool. Namely, our love for fast foods, football, and freedom. A huge thank you to the brave men and women serving everywhere to protect our nation. We have many problems, but we can fix them a lot easier than other countries. Those are just a few reasons why I am proud to be an American.The United States includes all of the fifty states and they are united, which means we will work together and accomplish anything.


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