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If a student gives her peer a 5/5 on the hook, when there is no hook, she either did not understand what a hook is or did not really check her peer’s introduction.This holds students accountable for understanding the rubric while they still have time to make changes to their essays.To this day, I prefer to sit down and read an article as opposed to listening to a podcast. In many cases they slipped through the cracks, missing out on valuable knowledge and skills because their learning styles weren’t addressed.

Using different teaching styles and assessments not only enables students to learn more, it also helps them develop confidence in their abilities rather than just giving up.

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to how you comprehend information.

Before writing the first take-home essay of the year, we spent a class period looking up types of hooks with examples.

Students wrote examples of their own for each type of hook (striking statistic, anecdote, vivid comparison, etc.) so that they they would have a collection of possibilities when it came time to start their essays.

A creative writer is not more talented than an analytical writer.

It’s important to value and work on all the skills that fall under the blanket of English class, and find ways to help students improve their writing through the strengths they already have.

The SPED teacher at my school recently shared the document she uses to break down essay expectations sentence by sentence by phrasing each requirement as a question. ’” I gave that handout to all of my students because it’s one more way to provide an explanation that might click with some.

For example, instead of, “Must use a sentence to introduce a quote,” the requirement is phrased: “This sentence answers the questions ‘Who said this? In most of my classes I read rubrics out loud because some students see that page full of words, can’t process it, and give up. Practical learners may not comprehend requirements by reading or hearing them but need to use the rubric in context for it to make sense.

Some students can look at a rubric and understand what is expected, but many need examples.

Sometimes even phrasing requirements differently can help.


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