Essay About Pollution By Factory

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The Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth and the eighteenth centuries brought about much of the base of today’s pollutants.

A series of technological advances in machinery, such as the steam engine, along with a preponderance of other goods shifting from homes and small factories to large industrial settings brought about more and more pollution.

It the need of today to understand the effects of environmental pollution and what should be done to minimise it.

We have prepared long essays for students which shall not only provide information about environmental pollution and its effects but shall guide them as well how to contribute towards reducing environmental pollution.

Burning other fuels like wood, or natural gas can make all of these pollutants too.

The other problem closely related to industrialization is problem of big cities.

The international School of Beijing built a million dome to enclose a playground and...

Everybody has to breath, and when air isn’t clean you health is affected. You might think that you are healthy because you eat, and do only healthy things, so you cannot be sick, or get cancer, allergies or even die.       At the first, what is air pollution?

The problem of air pollution increases in the bigger cities because mnozstvo of cars, buses, and trucks.

During the traffic jams all kind of pollutants are released into the air, and then people who live near roads have to breath this “dirty” air.


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