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Back in 1950, the carbon dioxide level was in the range of 300-310 parts per million (ppm).

Back in 1950, the carbon dioxide level was in the range of 300-310 parts per million (ppm).

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I will readily concede that he got some things badly wrong, notably his theory that human population would double with each generation.

But, while he may have wildly miscalculated the rate of population growth (and also the increase in available food), he might also have gotten some other things chillingly right. In it, he argued that increases in food production were beneficial to a nation’s people, but that those increases also stimulated population growth.

I am mindful of Mark Twain’s famous displeasure with statistics (“Lies, damn lies, and statistics!

”), and I know that thoughtful people on opposite sides of an argument often marshal competing data to prop up their views.

But bear with me as I lay out a few more simple facts that should make clear, even to the non-scientifically inclined, the relationship between overpopulation and the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. N., that number will grow to 9.8 billion on the way to 11.2 billion at the end of the century.

In 1950, there were about 2.5 billion people scattered around the globe. Now, let’s compare the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.

These great leaps forward in food production have supported a massive increase in global population along with an undeniably improved average standard of living worldwide. Malthus, a magnificent storm was brewing, a tempest that would change the world dramatically: the Industrial Revolution.

So, Malthus just couldn’t see far enough ahead to realize that humanity could solve the dilemma he described, right? Fueled by coal and, later, petroleum, previously unimaginable industries, transportation systems, international trade, and . Not as fast as Malthus imagined, but plenty fast enough to provide the needed workers to build the promised land of prosperity – if only we could figure out how to distribute the benefits evenly around the world.

With a larger populace, the benefits of the additional food were negated. Because people had a tendency to use the abundance of food to support larger families (and thus a larger population) rather than to maintain an improved standard of living.

When population outstripped increased food production, bad things were bound to happen.


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