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My village : never in bedlam, never happens quarrels between neighbors...great !

combine two decades of field experience, research, personal observations, and stories told to the author, a third-generation Los Angeles native, by his grandfather and other family members, to interrogate all sides of Los Angeles, its streets, its people, its neighborhoods, as a means to examine the postmodern metropolis. Not only the heroes and founders, activists and neighborhoods (or those city promoters would have you remember), but those unnamed witness-participants who faced the heartbreak and triumphs that shaped Los Angeles, only now to be forgotten in a present-minded world.

His poems are instant pop-and-crackle chronicles, more news than the 11 PM news hour, yet they are also jack-hammer words crashing onto concrete walkways, the palm-drenched horizon through smog-laden sky, the truth that dares to include everyone. –Mike Sonksen (AKA Mike the Poet) is a civic treasure.

He’s one of those faces that float into view at almost every poetry event and almost every corner of town.

Sonksen resusitates them with his words, a poetic celebration of the city that raised him, raised his father and grandfather, and it pays respect and honor to those living and dead.

Add this book to your quintessential Los Angeles reading list.

However, if u like swimming, u have to ride 7km to Bai Dai beach, the most famous beach in Cam Lam. Being famous from the movie Tôi Thấy Hoa Vàng Trên Cỏ Xanh with the famous scene of children playing in the rice field and running on the green grass on the hill, Phú Yên is full of places to see, from Đá Đĩa Reef to Đại Lãnh Cape. I am currently living in Nha Trang city, one of the most beautiful places in Viet Nam. Amount of population in increase right council decided accepting foreigner from other country. I've found a really beautiful place when I walked with my best friend near the Thames River and when I walked with my mother through the forest near my town. If you never been to Reading you should visit my town as soon as possible. Also, yo can try to new traditional foods, fruits etc. It's so quiet that I can't differentiate between " peaceful"and " boring". How would you feel if there were a frog jumping or a crab crawling into your living room while you were watching TV ?

It has many different places like: Tri Nguyen aquarium, Long Son pogoda.. It is a famous tourist destination that you should visit ! I live in a beautiful country near the beach- Nha Trang city. as a result ,city population in has been change in 4 term. It's very normal to me, when rainy season is approaching, some " uninvited guests" ( worms, butterflies,frogs) often visit my house.

The city of Lahore located around the River Ravi positioned about 20 km’s from the Wagah boundary and is fifty-five-kilo meters from the Indian city Amritsar. It is the city where Punjab University and government College University located.

It has a lot of famous colleges and Universities, people from all over the Pakistan come’s Lahore every year to study and fulfill their dreams.


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