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One of the last nights, we spent seven hours hidden under a bus; the pain was so strong I thought I would die.The space was very narrow, and I felt I was losing my legs because I no longer could feel them.

I spoke about my experience with homelessness in front of 5,000 people and helped raise more than $40,000 for homeless families.

Homelessness had been my biggest challenge, and helping other families has been my reward.

What happens when you're barely holding it together as life continues to move on?

There is always a point when the storm passes over, when the gale's piercing cry between the trees dies down to a whisper, the rain stops and the clouds part.

Prolific television producer Chuck Lorre will for the second year sponsor two scholarships through his foundation.

Entrepreneur Lori Greiner will fund one full-ride scholarship.

And Warner Bros., the studio behind Power 100 breakfast Dec. "We're committed to creating more opportunities for young women, particularly those from underserved communities, at our company and in our industry," says Warners executive vp Dee Dee Myers.

And those opportunities all start with an application essay like the ones that follow, written by three girls who have reached up and out to change their future.

The ATA Mentoring Program offers matching services to a limited number of mentees for one year (April-March).

A total of 30 mentees will be selected through a competitive application process.


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