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It takes place on the evening of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar. You will find hundreds of krathongs available for sell around Loy Krathong festivity areas. Most activities take place after dark.“ลอย Loy” means “float”, and a “กระทง krathong” is a special Thai floating decorative boat.This year, the festival is taking place from November 19 to 23.

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Loy Krathong is not an official public holiday in Thailand.

After lighting candles and joss-sticks and making a wish, the Krathong is gently put on the water and let them drift away till they go out of sight.

Releasing the Loy Krathong is great to do as a couple as it’s the time to make a wish for happiness together and success in life and love.

During this festival you can also enjoy a Beauty Contest “Nopphamat Queen Contests”.

This year, it will be celebrated on November 13th, 2019!

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Teachers starting their Teach English in Thailand program in late October will be able to celebrate during their first month on the ground! Read our Top Five Things to Know About Loi Krathong: Although the Lantern Festival is celebrated everywhere in Thailand, Chiang Mai will have the best (and most famous) views of thousands of lanterns being released into the sky all at once.

The old town of Sukhothai, which means “Dawn of Happiness” and dates back to the 13th century, hosts the festival in the ancient temple complex, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The organization has instructed all police units to step up their security patrols in the venues which will host the Loy Krathong festival and risky areas which might be vulnerable to criminal activities, passing of HM the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the nation remains deep in mourning.

My FAVOURITE part of this festival is the sky lanterns aka “lucky Balloons” by people selling them on the beach.

The lanterns are made from a thin fabric, such as rice paper, to which a candle or fuel cell is attached, when the fuel cell is lit the resulting hot air which is trapped inside the lantern creates enough lift for the lantern to float up in to the sky.


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