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So I had to learn pretty fast, which was scary, but also weirdly exhilarating. Already feel suitably prepared for the old ‘what are your weaknesses’ line?I’ll never be a contender for the Tour de France, but at least I can go for a bike ride if it ever comes up. Think of this question as its evil twin…In fact, whilst it covers similar ground, the broader and slightly more confrontational approach is often used to probe for a more personal answer, and gain a clear indication of your character.She was a single mother with very little money, who had an incredible idea and decided to go with it.

Instead, mentally reframe your answer to present a more positive overall outcome.

Choosing a legitimate area that you’re working hard to improve should be enough to reinforce the idea that you can do the job at hand, whilst also humanising yourself in the process.

But if the interviewer doesn’t think you’ll be a good fit for the organisation, your application is unlikely to progress any further.

Your character is the single most reliable predictor of what you’ll achieve in your career, making it top priority for many employers when it comes to their line of questioning. Here are five of our favourite character questions – and our advice on how to answer them: Translation: what qualities do you value in other people?

Try and pitch yourself somewhere between the cliché (we’re thinking Nelson Mandela, Sir Alan Sugar, etc.), and the try-hard or completely obscure.

It’s fine to pick someone a little under-the-radar, but if even the most well-read Oxford scholar would struggle to pin-point your favourite second century Persian leader, you might just be trying a little too hard.

However, always try and keep your answers succinct. Right answer: ‘Whilst there isn’t anything I’d say that I actively dislike about myself, there are certainly traits I value over others. Almost everybody lies, yet nobody wants to hire a liar. As a result, the only real option here is to go for the obvious answer.

If I’m being really honest, I’m not great at confrontations. Anything other than playing it 100% straight and extoling the virtues of telling the truth at all times has the ability to throw serious doubt on your core values – something that’s unlikely to prove endearing. If you make a mistake, it’s always better to own up for it and apologise.

Whoever you pick, always ensure you can relate their experiences back to reflect your own personal values.

Right answer: ‘If I had to choose one person, I’d probably go with JK Rowling.


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