English Essay About Hari Raya Aidilfitri

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Hikmahnya dilewatkan sedikit solat sunat Aidilfitri adalah bagi memberi peluang kepada mereka yang belum membayar zakat untuk menunaikan kewajipan mereka dan disunatkan makan dahulu sebelum pergi ke masjid.

Berlainan pula, solat sunat Aidiladha digalakkan diawalkan waktunya bagi memberi lebih banyak masa untuk penyembelihan korban.

It's a festival of all countries to get together and show the world how they really are. The festival was too lengthy and tiring but it was well worth it. I believe that every person should go to a cultural festival at least once in their lifetime to see how it is like. Festivals for entertainment were a universal celebration. Some of the festivals were cultural, and some were religious.

It depended on the area in which the festival was taking place. The festival has been organised to mark the centenary of the Great Exhibition of 1851 and was to be a national event, not just in London's South Bank but all over the country. Many believe that the Chinese lantern festival began during the first century to honor Buddha.

Perayaan tersebut juga dikenali sebagai Hari Raya Puasa, Hari Raya Fitrah atau Hari Lebaran.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri merupakan perayaan yang dirayakan oleh umat Islam di seluruh dunia tidak kira bangsa sama ada Arab, Inggeris, Melayu, India-Muslim, Cina-Muslim dan lain-lain bangsa di seluruh dunia yang beragama Islam bagi menandakan berakhirnya bulan Ramadhan yang mana umat Islam telah menjalani ibadat puasa dengan tekun.Muslims celebrate the first of Syawal, which is the 10th month of the Muslim calendar, with joyous enthusiasm.By the eve of Hari Raya Puasa, Muslims would have paid their alms tax, which is then distributed to the poor. Muslims usher in the day with prayers in the mosques followed by visits to the graves of the departed.Apabila tarikh Hari Raya telah ditentukan, umat Islam akan bertakbir dan bertahmid sambil memuji kebesaran Allah.Tempoh bertakbir bagi Hari Raya Aidilfitri adalah antara terbenamnya matahari(hari terakhir bulan Ramadan) sehingga solat sunat Hari Raya Aidilfitri bermula pada pagi 1 Syawal tahun Hijrah. Simbol terkenal bagi perayaan Hari Raya di Malaysia ialah ketupat.For the first time, the millions of visitors to the Festival of Britain were confronted with a completely modern environment. The Festival of Britain inspired everyone to break decisively with the past and have some fun. Contributors included the furniture and textile designers- Robin & Lucienne Day and festival architects- Sir Phillip Powell and Leonard Manasseh. The true birth of this ancient festival is shrouded in mythology and folklore. Like most other Chinese festivals, there is a story behind this festival. This belief that the Lantern festival was conceived to celebrate Buddha is similar to the Christian appropriation of Easter and Christmas. Yuanxiao is the special food of the Lantern Festival. The Greek Festival Last month I attended the Greek Festival. The church was also a very interesting part of the festival. It was very structures and not like a festival but it was fun to eat the food and see the people. And gradually, it became a festival, so that the Shoton Festival has also been called the "Tibetan Opera Festival". Throughout this development process, the festival generally evolved from an aristocratic festival to one of mass amusement. Popular fairs are also organized during the festival. The Shoton Festival is an important holiday in Lhasa. Thailand's festivals are plentiful, but perhaps one of the most widely celebrated is the Loy Krathong Festival. Another difficulty I encountered was celebrating the Loy Krathong Festival without experiencing it fully and completely traditionally. Together, they provided me with patterns in changes and views of the festival with regard to both age and background. For example, the idea of the changes in the celebration of the festival. In short, the festival is nothing compared to that in Thailand. ‎; ʿĪd al-Fiṭr; "perayaan buka puasa") disambut pada 1 Syawal tahun Hijrah.Kebiasaannya orang Islam juga akan mula membayar zakat fitrah semenjak bulan puasa bermula dan zakat fitrah ini akan berhenti dikutip apabila solat sunat Aidilfitri dimulakan.Oleh itu, pada kebiasaannya solat sunat Aidilfitri dilewatkan sedikit berbanding solat sunat Aidiladha.Cultural festivals in Malaysia are usually very colourful, exciting, .and portray the spirit of unity and togetherness, despite the diversities of cultures and religions.


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