English Colonization Of North America Essay

Her work has appeared in the "Guardian" and "Changing Careers" magazine. John holds a Master of Arts in Russian and East European literature and culture from University College London, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in modern history from the University of Oxford.Why would anyone want to go through the trouble of colonizing?Since England was primarily Protestant, a great deal of religious persecution occurred consequently the Catholic safe haven was born.

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This led to a greater distinction between the English and the Spanish, which was the mass level by which slaves were used in colonial society.Essay titles can explore these issues by focusing on the geographical conditions of the settlements and how they affected the settlers.The settlements' effect on the geographical and environmental conditions the indigenous peoples had been used to could also be an essay topic.Compare and contrast Spanish and British colonization efforts in North America prior to 1763.Prior to 1763, both Spanish and British colonization efforts expanded into various regions of North America.The English had such motives that compelled them to leave their motherland.It was for the reasons of seeking freedom, seeing there was nothing in Britain for them, and success accessed by other nations. Those who sought a bit of adventure naturally took off. Lord Baltimore set up Maryland for the sake of his fellow Catholics.The early American Colonial era encompasses the period between the establishment of the first English colony in North America in 1607 and the Declaration of Independence in 1776.The European settlers were beginning a completely new life, while the lives of the indigenous Americans would be changed forever.However, after a number of years the Pilgrims felt that their children were being corrupted by the liberal Dutch lifestyle and were losing their English heritage.News of the English Colony in Virginia motivated them to leave Holland and settle in the New World.


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