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Once you have used the full name once, feel free to use a short citation, such as ' or 'the 1984 Act.' There's no need to keep repeating the full name.If you are writing your essay by hand, there is no need to use different coloured ink for a case or statutory citation.The law depends on published precedent for its authority. Therefore, you want to demonstrate where your various propositions come from, since they will be more valuable if they come from an outside source.

Remember also that extensive quotations from statutes – particularly if you are permitted to use the statute book in an otherwise closed examination – are not particularly impressive.

What is more important in those situations is your interpretation and use of the statute.

Sometimes, though, you will notice that your textbook or lecturer uses the second party's name regularly.

If you know that the case is commonly short-cited to the second party's name, go ahead and use that.

Make your writing stand out rather than your design skills.

Sometimes it seems that students spend more time formatting the essay than they do writing it. Typically, citations in a regular essay or timed examination are placed in the text next to the proposition they support.

'The first Occupiers' Liability Act' gets you past worries about the particular year it was enacted.

Of course, if you are working on a weekly essay or a long-term research project you must take the trouble of finding and putting in the proper title or citation.

The words of Lord Justice Whozits are much more persuasive than a mere lawyer's.

Use quotations freely, as long as you: • use the exact words and punctuation found in the original source; • use square brackets [ ] to indicate changes in capitalization, punctuation and language; and • provide the source of the quotation.


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