Endangered Animals Research Paper

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As you see, some plants and animals are in serious trouble. Some of the factors causing animals to become endangered or extinct are natural causes which are out of human control. Severe weather can cause prolonged periods of climates that are cooler or warmer than what a species is adapted for.

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Warmer temperatures are causing freshwater icecaps to melt.

This melting, along with rises in the ocean floor, creates a higher sea level. Animals that live in the salt water now have to adapt to the lower level of water.

Of all the animal species currently listed as endangered, the manatee has garnered a large amount of public attention.

Non-violent aquatic animals, manatees often reside in “shallow, slow-moving rivers, estuaries, saltwater bays, canals and coastal areas”.

Many species are able to move about by hitchhiking on boats that travel all over the place.

Native species have a hard time fighting invasive species for food.

Other causes of human-related manatee mortalities include being crushed and/or drowned in canal locks and flood control structures; ingestion of fish hooks, litter and monofilament line; entanglement in crab trap lines; and vandalism.

Ultimately, however, loss of habitat is the most serious threat facing manatees today.

Unfortunately, many people poach, hunt and/or catch animals illegally, so they can then sell the animal or the animal parts for money.

For example, the African Elephant is hunted for its ivory tusks which are then sold to make various products.


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