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Teachers not only need to explain the concepts of nature and what Ecology means, but also demonstrate what preservation and conservation can do for improving people’s quality of life.

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As a result, without thought as to the longterm effects of their actions, the people who entered into possession of a forest started to cut the trees for immediate short-term revenue.

If we want to have a sustainable economy we have to preserve nature.

This program is very important for creating awareness about the respect and proper use of natural resources and environment.

self-interested individuals result in environmentally beneficial outcomes.

Within the last twenty years, the cutting down of trees has become a very big issue in Romania.

People believed that it was okay to cut down a tree, and that no one was going to miss it; and for a while this “nobody cares” practice was working, but soon enough others in the circle got cut, and the first signs that the trees were important started to show.

The image below demonstrates how spruce and fir forests were destroyed gradually since the forests were returned to their initial owner.

Figure 1 for example: This image was taken by NASA, which is currently assisting the Institute of Research and Forestry Arrangement in Romania to monitor the forests, this picture, taken after the deforestation occurred, shows what is left of the forests in Romania.

, which was studied in 4th grade and had a good practical side to it.

We used to have special classes about planting trees and would go inside the natural reservation to clean the forests and waters and remove any unwanted traces of civilization. We study Ecology only as a concept, and nobody is bothering to take into account the practical side of this discipline.


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