Educating Rita Essay

Russell has written the whole story as a play with only two characters, Frank and Rita.

All scenes are in Frank's study and follow the dialogue between Frank and Rita.

Frank was just asking for her name in a way that is un-familiar to Rita and even then, they still do not introduce themselves to each other until later on in the scene.

Rita then starts to look at a nude print and how she describes it is not typical of someone of her background because she says it is very erotic.

This event is Willy Russell’s way of making it clear to us that their relationship will never be the same again because Rita never used to have the confidence to talk to what she called ‘proper students’ as she them can result in them being better off.

The techniques and how the playwright uses them to develop the two characters in "Educating Rita" are very interesting and varied.At the start of the play Frank is on phone and he gives us the impression that he could do without the "˜silly' open university woman's tutorial because it is just a waste of time.We would maybe expect him to be in control and tell Rita what to do but right away she is Hannah chapman To what extent does Russell use comedy to explore the clash of class and culture in Educating Rita?Rita seems to think that she is a completely different race when compared to the other students.But when Frank states that Rita is the first Open University student that he has taught.When Rita first walks in to the office, Frank says, "and you are?" Rita misunderstands him and replies, "I'm a what?" in response to this question thinking that Frank was suggesting she was a thing.This shows Rita's naivety in the use of the English language.Rita turns the joke on Frank by saying "oh great I end up with a beginner!" to this Frank reacts as if she said it seriously. Frank tries to have a bit of a joke when Rita asks if it is all right if she...


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