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Because virtually no surface on the Earth is free of human contact, all ecosystems can be accurately classified as human ecosystems. Some ecosystems may be very diverse with many plants and animals; whereas other ecosystems may be less diverse with fewer animals and plants.For example, tropical rain forests could be classified as an ecosystem that has high diversity; whereas temperate rain forests could be classified as an ecosystem that has lower diversity as compared to tropical rain forests.

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Already, the "area" of this ecosystem is at least as large as that required to support a population of Bald eagles.

It is the inclusion of all the interrelationships within a functional system that make the concept of ecosystem so broad.

These are a few ways an ecologist would approach describing ecosystem structure based upon the plants and animals (and others) present in it.

In addition to the organisms themselves, there are components utilized by the organisms that comprise the resources of the ecosystem.

Thus, the "ecosystem" of our field mouse includes plants, and soil, and soil organisms—and of course other field mice to insure that mice will always be a part of that ecosystem.

And perhaps present are Bald eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), dependent upon trees for nesting and roosting and a stream for water (and fish as an alternative food), feeding upon Field mice, recycling those that are caught into baby Bald eagles and droppings that are food for the plants and earthworms.Abiotic factors include things such as rocks,water,soil,light,rocks etc...The idea of the ecosystem relates to the idea that all organisms in the environment are engaged in relationships with every other aspect (like resources and other organisms) in that environment.And the seemingly endless networks of links and interactions that give geographical breadth to an ecosystem.Of course, an ecologist could study just the organisms, activities, and biotic/abiotic interactions within the local "soil ecosystem", treating mouse and eagle excrement as we described the sun above: external, but providing important input of energy and material to the soil ecosystem.Ecosystems deal with energy and nutrient flow through a system/community.For example, a household or a university could be described as an ecosystem, and a city or a state could be described as a larger ecosystem.While ecosystems may be bound and individually discussed, they do not exist independently, but interact in a complex web.The ecological relationships connecting all ecosystems make up the biosphere.The species present provide ways of considering their contribution to ecosystem structure.For examples: we could describe the number of species (species richness), or the number (or biomass) of individuals of each species (species diversity), or their distribution across the physical space of the ecosystem.


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