Duke Girl Thesis Powerpoint

While she is full of praise for some she is vicious in her criticism of others, including one unfortunate student of whom their encounter “was over too quickly”.

She added: “(I have) got some fantastic stories for the grandkids.” But on Thursday, after the presentation made international headlines, she expressed her sorrow for the incident.

None of the men featured in the "thesis" would comment.

A University spokesman said officials were “reaching out to those who’ve been affected by this incident” and said the wellbeing of their students was their primary concern.

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Each of her 13 lovers are named and pictured – sometimes partially naked – while intimate details are also revealed."I regret it with all my heart," she told The News of Today website."I would never intentionally hurt the people that are mentioned on that." Her family later declined to comment.One publishing company is reported to be considering offering a book deal.Miss Owen is said to have been left devastated by the sex scandal and expressed her “regret with all my heart”.It’s attracting international press and possibly even a book deal (in this day and age, of course it will).From the Daily Telegraph: In the extraordinary sexual dossier, Miss Owen, from Connecticut, graphically describes her lovers, how they met in bars and what they did after their binge drinking sessions.The student newspaper ran an editorial earlier this week simply headlined: "Karen Owen shatters the glass ceiling", in which they condemn her stating: "She actually managed to demean the opposite sex to the point where one must ask if the term 'weaker sex' shouldn’t be replaced with 'freakier sex'." The electronic “thesis”, compiled from her three years at Duke, was then published by several websites before going viral and becoming one of the most searched terms on the internet.It has made national news in the United States and reopened the debate about privacy on the internet.But it was subsequently leaked to the university’s 14,000 student population before becoming a global viral hit.It was the hot topic at Duke, one of the most prestigious American colleges, which is an expensive private academy with a predominantly white student population located in the North Carolina town of Durham.


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