Doctoral Dissertation Defense Video

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It will be there throughout the whole video, but you will not be able to see it as you talk or point to it. A figure or picture that captures the essence of what you’ve done in an easy to understand manner is better than a slide with text on it.Any text should be kept to a minimum and should be in a large, easy to read font, no smaller than 32 points.

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Your final version of the thesis will first have to be assessed and approved by your supervisor and co-supervisors.

They will also suggest a Thesis Committee to the Dean to be formed to evaluate your thesis.

You can write your thesis in the form of a monograph or as a collection of articles with an introduction and conclusion that links the articles in a coherent whole.

Each faculty may decide on additional regulations regarding the thesis and this should be stipulated in the training and supervision plans.

Once the Dean has approved and appointed the members of the Thesis Committee, will assess, based on the supervisors’ assessment and their evaluation of the candidate’s dissertation, whether the candidate fulfils the final attainment levels, and should be allowed to defend the thesis.

Doctoral Dissertation Defense Video

The individual members report their assessment in the Form “Assessment of Ph D candidate –form for Thesis Committee”, which they submit to the assigned chair of the Thesis Committee.By signing Form II the Dean confirms that all conditions are fulfilled and that the Ph D candidate is allowed to defend the dissertation.Only after Form II is submitted, the candidate should contact the pedel office through [email protected] plan a date and a room for the public defense.Based on the assessments in these Forms, the chair of the Thesis Commitee formulates a substantiated general advice in writing, which is, together with the completed Forms of the individual members, submitted to the Dean. it is either yes or no), although individual members are allowed to complement their advice with suggestions and recommendations for improvement. As a part of your final evaluation, and besides the thesis, your training component will also be evaluated.If the assessment of both your thesis and the training compement are positive, Form II needs to be completed and submitted to the pedel office, which is signed by the Dean.If you have questions about the dissertation video, please contact Brandy Randall.NDSU Dissertation Video Collection NDSU library hosts a collection of dissertation videos.Videos will be recorded, by appointment only, in the Quentin Burdick Building (formerly known as the IACC) Monday – Friday a.m. Plan on a 30-minute appointment to allow time to rehearse and do several takes.To schedule your appointment, contact Steve Beckermann at 701-231-8486 or [email protected] students are required to submit a 3-minute video summarizing their dissertation research for a lay audience.The video is not scripted but instead structured like you are having a comfortable conversation about your dissertation.


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