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For example, you might be a strong debater because you grew up in a family of eight, where everyone gave their opinion about a news article over dinner.Or, you might wake up at dawn to start reading and exercising, because you were raised on a farm where the work day started at sunrise.

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Also, students will sometimes think they have nothing to say about diversity because they are not a member of a minority. Depending on the exact essay question, your essay could also discuss a time when you learned something from someone with a very different background.

You might think, “I’m white, what can I write in a diversity essay? A thousand experiences from your past and dreams for your future make you different from your best friend and from someone you’ve never met. Below is a good example of a college admissions essay about diversity, written by an Essay Coaching student in 2005.

At Denison University, near Columbus, Ohio, there are special funds available to campus groups that stage events with other, dissimilar groups.

Adam Weinberg, the college’s president, told me that he’d attended a Seder at which Jewish students played host to international students from China.” Read more how to answer the about the diversity question for a college application essay here. Award-winning author and writing coach Debbie Merion has met many people who find it easier to visit the dentist than to write.

Bruni admires colleges with programs that encourage a diverse student body to interact: “Davidson is coaxing campus organizations and even using off-campus trips to orchestrate conversations between white and black students, between religious students and atheists, between budding Democrats and nascent Republicans.

By prioritizing these kinds of exchanges, the school sends the message that they matter every bit as much as the warmth and validation of a posse of like-minded people.Your essay on diversity should show the college how you will bring your unique point of view to the classroom and campus. Since then, the author has been admitted to his top choices for both undergraduate and professional education, both of which are ranked in the top 10 by US News and World Report. Read the essay, and read the explanation underneath.People see me as tall and black, but I am more than that: I am a lawyer in the making.Many students are baffled about what to write about themselves concerning diversity.Contributing to a school’s “diversity” doesn’t simply refer to the fact that you are a member of a racial or cultural minority.In addition, don’t make the mistake of writing something along the lines of “I am diverse.” One person is not diverse on his or her own.Questions about diversity are looking to determine how your skills and talents make you just the right puzzle piece to fit into the jigsaw puzzle made up of all students on a campus.Harvard’s stated goal is to “promote equity, diversity & inclusion within our School and the greater community.” Common mistakes: The college you are applying to will already know your racial and socio-economic demographics through their application form.This means when they ask you to write about diversity in the essay, they are not simply trying to determine your race or ethnic background.I wish people could see the logic in my veins, the law in my lungs, the mock trial on my mind, and the admiration in my heart for both Clarence Darrow—for his willingness to take on challenging cases, and Johnnie Cochrane—for his ability to win them.I will bring to your university the same qualities I see in my role models: drive, determination, and a logical mind.


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