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The inner strife of the self may be resolved publicly, in this manner, only by relating to the experience of the Other.Contains analyses of: - Don De Lillo, "Falling Man" - Jonathan Safran Foer, "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" - Colum Mc Cann, "Let the Great World Spin" - Jess Walter, "The Zero" - Thomas Pynchon, "Bleeding Edge" - Frederic Beigbeder, "Windows on the World" - Ian Mc Ewan, "Saturday" - Mohsin Hamid, "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" - John Updike, "Terrorist" - Joseph O' Neill, "Netherland" - Porochista Khakpour, "The Last Illusion" - Dan Stanca, „Noaptea lui Iuda” ------What is left when what was not meant to collapse eventually collapses?Waldman in spite of being an American writer challenges the American stance against Muslims and asserts the re-examination of the American sense of community cohesion and integration policies for Muslims.

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Retying this link will certainly help this generation born in the orphan 1980s to rekindle the flame of love in the 9/11 chaos of hatred.

Through this talk, my endeavor is to show how Jay Mc Inerney transforms the aftermath of a real, actual traumatic event into a work of fiction able to present the unpresentable.

Dans le sillage du simulacre de Baudrillard et du réel fantasmatique de Žižek, nous tenterons ainsi de démontrer en dernière analyse que les images déplacées (pratique définie ailleurs comme « appropriationnisme ») peuvent aussi peut-être renvoyer à une hallucination d’images déplacées, à entendre ici dans son deuxième sens moral d’inconvenance.

Scholars have questioned what Nat Turner meant to others in the past; in this article, I question what he means today.

More generally, thanks to a philosophical and psychoanalytical approach, I will try to define the role of literature in the representation of a seminal event and how a work of fiction can “ink” the traumatic consequences onto the reader’s psyche.

New York, 11 septembre 2001 : les caméras de CNN, aussitôt relayées par les chaînes du monde entier, se braquent sur les deux tours du World Trade Center et rendent compte par l'image et en direct d'attaques inimaginables, comme si le...more The incident of 9/11 significantly affected the west-east relations into obvious binary opposites of us and them.This situation has given rise to a new discourse called Islamophobia-causing Islam to be viewed as a source of intolerance and terrorism, one whose proponents are out to destroy Western values.En effet, toutes les séquences de ce court-métrage sont tirées de blockbusters hollywoodiens réalisés avant les attentats du 11-septembre et montées de manière à reconstituer le déroulement linéaire de cette journée, et à détourner ainsi les images de notre mémoire collective.A partir de ce film et du dévoiement des images qu’il opère, nous proposons d’analyser la mise en miroir de la fiction dans la réalité, dont le 11-septembre ne serait que la version renouvelée d’un fantasme de catastrophe, ces images bien réelles n’étant in fine que la reprise, le palimpseste visuel d’images fictionnelles déjà imprimées sur pellicule.The textual analysis showed that the incident of 9/11 affected the collective unconsciousness of the Americans.They took this incident as a wound never to be recovered thus leading the American nation into the state of Islamophobia.Hence, I propose to study this notion of link which is spreading out in Mc Inerney’s novel.The analysis will firstly deal with the social link which had been negated for long by this cynical generation of the New York upper class, and which needs to be redeemed through mutual assistance and selflessness.What is left when what was only meant to stay a fantasy eventually becomes the reality?In the aftermath of 9/11 - the ultimate experience of what an event stands for...


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