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Since we will have limited time together, what are your priorities? If your project is more than four or five pages, please identify the pages you want to focus on in this session.You can mark these sections in the margins, for example.Ask friends if they would edit parts of the dissertation.

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You can also drop in during our operating hours at OSC or Hillman.

If a consultant is available, you’ll be seen right away.

While this seems like simple things, they are often noticed by the academic committee.

Another important part of proofreading is to edit for any words that may be missing. Often it is difficult to see the dissertation marked with different editing problems after spending hours, days, and months writing it.

Some words the spell checker does not catch such as there, their, they're or it's and its. The advisor and academic committee expects a dissertation that is free of errors especially spelling errors. This is an important area that should be error free.

Have someone skim the paper looking for comma splices, introductory commas, and other forms of punctuation.If you need to know if the thesis is clear, ask them if they think the thesis is clear and if others could understand it.Before having anyone give you feedback about your custom dissertation, go to the store and buy highlighters and red ink pens. Taking this problem to a writer's group where several people can voice their opinions is a good way to know what the thesis needs or if the thesis is on tract with what you plan to do in the dissertation.Ask them to circle or highlight where transitions are not clearly made or perhaps you have not used a transition.While using a spell-checker is beneficial, it is still important to have someone give you feedback about spelling.Have you put a period where a question mark should be? Another major mistake made on reports and dissertations is fragments.It is easy to write a fragment and believe that it is a sentence. Ask someone to check for subject-verb agreement and pronoun reference and agreement.The best preparation is to consider what you want to get out of your time at the Writing Center.You may have a long document, such as a chapter, that we will not be able to go over line by line. Proofread your writing so that the consultant knows that any errors that are left are those that you might need to talk about in the session.You can make an appointment by visiting our online scheduler and selecting either the OSC or Hillman schedule for the current term.Appointments are 25 minutes long, starting on the half hour. Using multiple identities to book additional time is a violation of academic integrity.


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