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If you care deeply about your research problem, it will be easier handle the setbacks and challenges all dissertation students face along the road to completion.You may want to consider opening this section with these words, “This study addresses the problem of…” You want the Problem Statement to be in your own words without citations.Many students claim that the problem is that there is not enough research on their topic. Yes, we could use additional research on some aspect of society. When your problem statement is vague or unrealistic, it is very difficult to get your chairperson and committee members interested enough to care about our dissertation research.

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Usually while writing the problem statement, researchers use the 5 “W”s (Who, What, Where, When, and Why).

Unfortunately, I will not be able to write a problem statement for you since I do not have a clear idea about your research.

Every problem statement for dissertation should contain a set of elements that may it effective and comprehensive.

Always check your chapter for these elements, since they are the gist at which your dissertation committee is sure to look when assessing your draft and giving you the go-ahead with your further work: Keep in mind that research experts agree on the ability of a good statement to pinpoint the outcomes you are aiming at as a result of your research completion.

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Detailed information on how Wiley uses cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy.In a nutshell, any statement of such a kind answers the questions “what, where, when, and how much.” Writing a qualitative dissertation is essentially different from making quantitative research; however, this does not play such a decisive role in the problem statement section overall.The only difference is that you have to formulate your problem in qualitative terms, which means it is not recommended to rely on statistics or other quantifiable data.You have your own interests and causes you believe in.If possible you can identify a problem surrounding those things you care about.Related reading: In general, businesses are often organized in departments or functional areas so as to operate more efficiently and effectively by benefiting from specialization and division of labor with the ultimate aim of seeking growth and financial success.However, there is a difference between the departments a business needs and the departments it can afford, at least during the early years of birth.In general, you must do a literature search and come up with the specific aims and objectives of your study in the first place.You must identify the gaps in the previously published studies on your topic “Influence of poverty on moral development” and then slowly develop ideas as to what facets you want to address in this subject area.There are many possible categories of problems, but the simplest way to look at problems is: does the problem cause pain and suffering?Or is the problem related to monetary issues such as loss or excess expenditures.


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