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Mendenhall PDF Building Procedural Fluency from Conceptual Understanding in Equivalence of Fractions: A Content Analysis of a Textbook Series, Mark S.Nance PDF Ethnic Identity and School Belonging Among Pacific Islander High School Students, Mari N.

Mendenhall PDF Building Procedural Fluency from Conceptual Understanding in Equivalence of Fractions: A Content Analysis of a Textbook Series, Mark S.Nance PDF Ethnic Identity and School Belonging Among Pacific Islander High School Students, Mari N.

Where possible, links to full-text versions are included. (2016) (unpublished doctoral dissertation) Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada https://dt.athabascau.ca/jspui/handle/10791/190 This meta-synthesis study examines the nature, focus, and context of the large and diverse corpus of research literature that has arisen from a highly utilized and cited distance, blended, and online learning framework, the Community of Inquiry (Co I).

If full-text copies are not freely available, links to pertinent journals are included. The heterogeneous thematic synthesis was conducted using a three-stage approach.

Gill PDF Mathematics Vocabulary and English Learners: A Study of Students' Mathematical Thinking, Hilary Hart PDF Adolescent Literate Identity Online: Individuals and the Discourse of a Class Wiki, Amanda J.

Mc Collum PDF The Stories of Three High School English Teachers Involved in a Collaborative Study Group, Marjoire Ralph PDF Narrating the Literate Identities of Five Ninth Grade Boys on the School Landscape, Mary Frances Rice PDF Comparing the Pedagogical Thinking of More Successful and Less Successful Adult ESL Instructors Using Stimulated Recall, Jason Paul Roberts PDF Elements of Professional Development That Influenced Change in Elementary Teachers' Writing Instruction, Jill Brown Shumway PDF Identifying Social Studies Content Embedded in Elementary Basal Readers, Wendy Taylor Workman PDF Examining the Effects of Explicit Teaching of Context Clues in Content Area Texts, Jessie Ruth Jensen PDF Using Web-Based Tools to Mentor Novice Teachers in Literacy Instruction, Teresa Moore Jordan PDF A Closer Look at One Elementary School's Use of Informational Text in Classroom Instruction, Marjean Sorensen PDF Deepening Understanding of Science Content Through Text Structure Instruction, Karen Thomas PDF An Investigation of the Support for Literacy Instruction in Elementary Mathematics Textbooks, Wendy Ann Williams PDF Becoming a Teacher Educator: A Self-Study of Learning and Discovery as a Mentor Teacher, Julie Anne Castro PDF Enhancing Students' Science Content Knowledge Through Text Structure Awareness, Jamie Lynn Christensen PDF Action Research as Professional Development: A Study of Two Teachers, Wade R.

: A Study of One District, Katie Sorensen PDF Case Study of a Middle School Reader Attending a Separate Reading Class, Amy A.

Wilson PDF A Validation Study of an Instructional Design Which Attempts to Teach the Concept of Faith to Seventeen Mentally Retarded (I.Glathar PDF Examination of Interactions Among Eighth-Grade Language Arts Students During Literature Circles, Rachel Marie Smith PDF Changes in Kindergarteners' Writing Complexity When Using Story Elements, Lynne M.Watanabe PDF A Multiple-Case Study of Secondary Reading Specialists, Linda Lucille Frost PDF Do Parents' Literacy Beliefs and Home Literacy Experiences Relate to Children's Literacy Skills? Norman PDF Implementation of a Life-Skill Centered Token Economy: The Experience of a Peer Teacher, Joseph Fredrick Bellak PDF Readers Theater: A Key to Fluency Development, Rachel Clark PDF Reading and Writing in Science: How do the Reform Documents Attend to the Fundamental Sense of Science Literacy? Frandsen PDF Partnering in Practice: A Look at Collaborative Student Teaching, Cynthia J.Garner PDF A Study of the Concerns of Eleventh and Twelfth Grade Seminary Students by Sex and Grade in Areas Covered by the Thirty-Five Directional Objectives of the LDS Seminary System, M.Richard Maxfield PDF An Evaluation of the Performance of Latter-Day Saint Seminary Coordinators as Instructional Supervisors, U.Of the 910 artifacts examined, 329 artifacts met thematic synthesis inclusion parameters and were re-examined to determine the level and intent of Co I citation use within each artifact.The synthesis conducted in stage 3 used iterative, inductive coding to identify 24 basic themes, 11 organizing themes, and 4 global themes. Online education depends on a variety of technology tools for cognitive-related activities; however, it is unclear whether the current proliferation of tools is an indicator of a learner’s readiness to use them effectively to meet learning objectives.Neeley PDF Picture Books as Mentor Texts for 10th-Grade Struggling Writers, David Willett Premont PDF Effects of Fourth- and First-Grade Cross-Age Tutoring on Mathematics Anxiety, Camille Margarett Rougeau Science and Children, Tawnicia Meservy Stocking PDF Dyad Reading Experiences of Second-Grade English Learners with Fiction and Nonfiction Texts, Michelle Lynn Klvacek PDF Orchestrating Mathematical Discussions: A Novice Teacher's Implementation of Five Practices to Develop Discourse Orchestration in a Sixth-Grade Classroom, Jeffrey Stephen Young PDF Parent Reasons for Enrollment at One Dual-Language Chinese Immersion Elementary School Program, Aaron W.Andersen PDF Effects of Teacher-to-Student Relatedness on Adolescent Male Motivation in Weight-Training Classes, Zack E.Malan PDF A Historical Study of the Nauvoo, Illinois, Public School System, 1841-1845, Paul Thomas Smith PDF The Relationship Between the Religious Attitudes and Religious Activity of Students and the Priesthood and Activity Status of the Fathers, Robert Moroni Dunford PDF The Effect of Increased Teacher Knowledge of Student Characteristics On Student Attitudes and Achievement, Sherman D.Harward PDF An Analysis of the Effect of Seminary Instruction Upon Certain Attitudes of Students Who Enroll for Reasons Other Than Personal Desire, Kent R.


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