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However, these organizations have problem with strategies to improve revenue g ...This dissertation presents the results of a series of common pool experiments conducted in three regions of rural Colombia with individuals who face a social dilemma in their everyday lives that is similar to what was presented in the experiment.read full abstract ›› Date: This study aimed at investigating the contribution of mining sector on economic growth in Tanzania.

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read full abstract ›› Date: Effective stock control is known to reduce cost and enhance growth in business.

However, the problem is to determine the extent to which stock management can reduce cost and ensure business growth.

read full abstract ›› Date: Revenue mobilization would have brought a number of benefits to the District if it is effectively undertaken.

The District Assembly development potentialities of the district have not been felt in most rural communities due to inadequate locally generated revenue to provide infrastructural services.

read full abstract ›› Date: This study evaluated profitability performance of traditional banks; study of pre and post recapitalisation of the banking sector in Ghana.

The study made use of data from the three domestic banks in Ghana that are among the players among the 33 commercial banks as at 2016 end in the banking sector in the country.The main objective of the study however, was to assess the effectiveness of the Performance Appraisal system (PAS) in Ghana Health Service at the LEKMA Hospital.Performance Appraisal is a major subject of controversy in management circ ...The study was evaluated using paired descriptive statistics, ra ...read full abstract ›› Date: The study examines the causal relationship among foreign direct investment, trade, economic growth, and domestic investment in Tanzania using annual time series data from 1970 to 2012.This motivated the researcher to research into the topic, stock control at Kojack Pharma Limited Takoradi.Inventory management techniques are applicable to all types of organi ...Before embarking on the econometrics, we tested the data series for stationarity using the unit root tests.The tests results revealed that the variables were not stationary at their levels, but ...Theses (or dissertations as they are sometimes called) are the product of extended independent research by students. 3rd year Capstone projects), and are nearly always a feature of postgraduate research from Master's through to Ph. Books offering guidance on how to write a thesis can be found at LB 2369 on floor 5 of the Albert Sloman Library.


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