Direct Marketing Case Studies

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Another way to get readers to engage with a direct mail piece is specialty inks.

To promote these opportunities, the USPS used (among others) a case study from Knorr.

Here is what I love about this post: Variety of formats.

The post covers QR Codes, augmented reality, NFC, Video in Print, mobile-in-print, conductive inks, Customized Market Mail®, and 3D mail.

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We recommend that you review the privacy policy here, and follow the instructions to modify your cookie settings to suit your privacy preferences.Recipients were asked to put the piece into their freezer, and as the temperature changed, the dye changed color and the paper revealed a whole new message: “FROZEN meals can be this delicious!” The campaign was so successful that half of the company’s mailing had to be postponed so that stores could manage the demand. One of the organizations especially proactive in this effort is the U. To this end, it has a terrific blog post called “16 Case Studies to Inspire Your Next Direct Mail Campaign.” The post breaks down 16 case studies into different categories, from augmented reality and NFC to dimensional mail. Clearly, the USPS has a vested interest in the success of direct mail.Not only does the post show just how varied direct mail can be, but it highlights the myriad ways to actively engage a target audience. All of the case studies have details about specific campaigns.Most have at least some level of metrics to give readers a sense of how the campaigns fared.The property company sends out two types of messages: ‘We are selling in your area we have disappointed cash buyers’ and ‘1% fees’ Brown Thomas wanted to position itself as the ultimate destination for beauty in Ireland.It decided to mail its Brown Thomas Beauty magazine to 5,000 of its core customers.Louise Beggan and Jillian Mc Guirk, directors of estate agent Mc Guirk Beggan, first heard of Ad at an An Post Grow My Business conference. They first tested Ad to see how it drove new listings and customer enquiries, and now run Ad campaigns regularly.A template for Mc Guirk Beggan was created on, so they do all of the work themselves and always see a response.


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