Different Approaches To Problem Solving

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Decision making is often one step of the problem solving process, but the two concepts are distinct.

Collective problem solving is problem solving that includes many different parties and bridges the knowledge of different groups.

You may want to guide them to choose a problem that seems to involve the most people.

Explain that if there is not time to talk about all of the issues, then the others will be discussed during the next meeting. The ideas don't need to be "realistic," sometimes even a "silly" idea has a germ of wisdom that can lead to a creative solution. The only way you'll know for sure if it's a good idea is to try it. It should be long enough to give the idea a good trial, short enough to limit the damage if the idea doesn't work. When the time limit is up, which is usually in a few days or a week, meet to discuss how effective the idea was in addressing the problem.

He explains some of the basic psychology behind problem solving: “When our brain is engaged in the process of solving problems, it is engaged in a series of steps where it processes and organizes the information it receives while developing new knowledge it uses in future steps.

Creativity is embedded in this process by incorporating diverse inputs and/or new ways of organizing the information received.”Laura Mac Leod is a Professor of Social Group Work at City University of New York, and the creator of From The Inside Out Project®, a program that coaches managers in team leadership for a variety of workplaces.

Can you see yourself using some of the ideas you came up with in "Quick Thinking"?

In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations need processes in place to make strong, well-informed, and innovative decisions.

In fact, the psychology of how people solve problems is now studied formally in academic disciplines such as psychology and cognitive science.

Joe Carella is the Assistant Dean for Executive Education at the University of Arizona.


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