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While an applicant’s high-school GPA and test scores still carry considerable weight in admissions decisions at Penn, which had 40,000-plus applicants in the admissions cycle that ended this spring, those numbers are what Furda called a “snapshot” of a student’s life—grades from a few years of high school, or how one performed on a test on a particular day.Furda encourages his admissions counselors to balance the “absolute merit” of grades and test scores with what he calls the “relative growth and trajectory” of applicants.

With application numbers at record highs, highly selective colleges are forced to make impossible choices, assigning a fixed number of slots to a growing pool of students who, each year, are harder to differentiate using these two long-standing metrics.

Eighty percent of American colleges accept more than half of their applicants, but at the country’s most selective schools, there is something of a merit crisis: As test scores and GPAs hold less sway, admissions offices are searching for other, inevitably more subjective metrics.

These days, applicants and their parents demand “absoluteness” in admissions, said Furda, who every April answers complaints from rejected applicants who compare their academic backgrounds to those of accepted students they know.

The issue for Penn and other top colleges is that as applicants’ test scores and grades rise, the ability to distinguish among them becomes ever more difficult, if not impossible.

As time passes by, I grew up and had to continue my studies to one of the local college exactly after I finished my high school.

Now it's been 4 months I'm in my new college.

I'm glad having chances on making new friends from different states and country, which I also learnt much about their culture.

Focusing on the discipline aspects, high school have a lot of rules to be obeyed, example hair that is longer than the shoulder length should be tied up neatly, shoes should be white and all the students has to wear an appropriate particular school uniform.

“Our evaluation process looks at where they are right now and what can we expect from them once they come to our campus,” Furda said.

Take, for example, applicants from private high schools or top public schools.


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