Destination Marketing Dissertation

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Most governments use international summits and conferences for diplomacy and marketing for foreign investors into their countries.Kenya has used the platform to market the tourism sector, which has resulted in increased revenue.Can look at a particular country and the various tourist destinations. Analyze some events like the Dubai Shopping Festival and the impact it has on tourism marketing. A student can decide to focus on one of the events and their impact on tourism marketing.

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This is a perfect chance to show your audience, the specific motivating strategies that will ensure employee loyalty of the company to the outside world.

Show your audience the similarities and differences in marketing strategies used by hotels in Africa, East Africa, Asia, the United Kingdom, and so forth.

It is the perfect moment to travel, make questionnaires, and email marketing experts in a bid to understand factors that B&B clients consider.

The researcher is also expected to issue recommendations that could either be utilized locally or better still, globally.

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Destination Marketing Dissertation

Show the trends used by the hospitality industry as well as the Kenyan airlines and government in marketing the Big Five world animals. The researcher should try to explain to their audience how the tourism industry, for example, in Kenya, has helped in marketing the Maasai Culture.The whole world knows about the big five wild animals in Kenya, the wild beast migration, the leopards, the lions, elephants, the buffalos, and so forth.This is an interesting topic and a not so researched on topic by students.This is an interesting topic that would even boost your employability.It is a perfect moment to apply and illustrate all the theory that you have learned in your marketing class.Topics on marketing are identified through lots of reading and interaction with different stakeholders in the tourism sectors.The topics below are created after mixing up a team of Ph. marketing students, who did research and unearthed nearly all topics that would be worth trying out.This is a chance to show the various cultures that tourists embrace.Also, show how marketers have used the local culture to promote both local tourism and international tourism. Some travel for leisure, business, education, and research.Writing a dissertation on tourism is one of the main ways to acquire knowledge in this field and to identify solutions to challenges that practitioners and professionals in this sector are experiencing. graduate, it is a privilege when we help out marketing students get to the highest levels of their academics and career.


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