Descriptive Essay Over Baseball

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I think that losing games is overall more important than winning games.

Sure, winning games gives you a good sense of self achievement, and I higher standing in the league, but that’s it. Whenever you lose a game, or mess up anything in general, you think about what went wrong to make that happen, and that always makes you think about what you specifically went wrong, which is the most important part of getting better at something; learning from your mistakes.

Education begins at a younger age than you might think, and it doesn’t always come from school.

My dad would throw me baseballs to hit with a little plastic bat when I was just a few years old.

The other thing I learned at Fairmount soccer was sportsmanship. When I won games, I didn’t make fun of the other team, because I knew what it was like to lose.

This has ultimately made me a much more respectful and empathetic person, which I feel are important qualities in a person.Playing with this team I acquired more of a team mentality.Through playing as a team, I got much better at working as part of a group, a skill that has been immensely helpful in my life, and will doubtlessly be helpful for the rest of my life.While playing soccer with Fairmount, my dad also put me into a baseball league.Baseball was the sport I had originally played with my dad when I was a kid.This is where I learned how to play soccer for the first time.My first practice I walked onto the field in my brand new cleats and shin guards, and terrified about playing on a team for the first time.I ran around the bases and I got a double, driving in two runs.After that I stopped striking out and I started hitting again, and even got to bat first in a few games.Nobody ever told me to encourage my teammates, but I started because my coach would congratulate me when I stopped the other team from scoring, or took the ball from someone.After a while of this, I started doing the same thing for my other teammates.


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