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Psychological approaches are useful as they can help with essay writings.They allow analyzing situation deeper or taking all subtleties into account.

So, if you’re set on succeeding in such task, first thing you must do is select a theme.

Often, professors themselves assign a specific topic for exploration, but since any reflective paper presupposes a certain level of intimacy, anything can be twisted to correspond to what you are interested in.

After this, first stage of preparation is finished, and you can move to another one. There have to be clearly defined introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Remember that in a reflective essay, it’s essential to show difference between past and present versions of you.

A key to writing your reflective essay successfully is crafting an outline before you actually start typing. It means that thesis must reflect it and specify what kind of lessons you’ve learned.

For example, we’ve decided to write a short reflective essay on such topic as “The Intricacies of Figuring Out My Sexuality”. Thesis that shows what happened (subtopic 1) and how it affected me (subtopic 2). Reflective essay introduction is first paper part and arguably most important one.

Many Americans have become accepting of LGBT community but prejudice still exists, meaning that such topic would be interesting on both personal and educational levels. It determines whether anyone is going to want to read this paper and follow your journey till the end.

Make sure to provide all aspects of your experience in showing process of your growth.

Include only relevant and worthy details that will later lead to a thought-provoking conclusion.

Insert the main points concerning story you’re going to cover here.

Remember that just by reading thesis, audience must immediately figure out what this essay’s about.


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