Definition Of Happiness Essay

I agree that a person cannot be happy while he or she does not preserve the harmony with himself/herself and the surrounding environment.

Thereby, we should be happy ourselves and make other people happy.

Without following the either of these ways, but both of them, we will flow into the common stream of life and become happy.

Russell states, that all sorts of unhappiness depend on different kinds of disintegration in a person, while happiness is a union between the person’s state of mind and his/her interrelation with the environment and society (Russell 998).

Despite the statement of the right to pursue happiness in the U. Declaration of Independence, the thorough examination of the term “personal right for happiness” as an implementation of some law seems ridiculous.

I could never consider the high, abstract concept of happiness in this key, though Lewis’ article brings interesting and innovative opinion (Lewis 1003).

She is desperately trying to find out the decision, recollecting the latest events in search for the mistake she might have recently made.

However, being occupied with these concerns, she cannot enjoy daily life and remains unhappy.

Besides bringing up children and keeping house in order, my mother has many activities helping her avoid the daily routine which influences the majority of the housewives.

She is a member of a literature group and usually arranges their meetings in our house.


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