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The second, though, proves that Anna cares about others and paints a picture of her organizing a club and bringing students together in the school.

Just like you use examples to support your points in a persuasive essay for English class, you can use meaningful stories to illuminate your friend's character.

Ah brainstorming, that oft suggested but little used first step.

While perhaps you can afford to skip this step in other pieces of writing, I strongly recommend taking the time to do some mental mapping before writing your peer recommendation.

Rather than presenting someone as well-rounded in everything, the most memorable reference letters zero in on particular areas. This is a great stage to consult with your friend and get a sense of what she's writing about in his/her application or if she's applying to any particular program.

Then they tell specific stories that illustrate and, in a sense, provide evidence for these qualities. If she's highlighting her passion for world events and multicultural exchange, for example, you could talk about that time you both went on the school trip to Europe and she conversed with all the people you met.Then figure out how you can both complement and add further dimension to her story.Once you have your list, try to narrow it down to the three or four qualities that best characterize your friend.This will sound more powerful and effective, plus it will help your letter stand out among the rest.This approach will make it a more interesting piece of writing overall, rather than a list of positive adjectives that blend together before a tired admission officer's eyes.Consider whether they're the type of qualities that will impress admissions officers (though don't worry too much about this; you don't want your letter to read as if you're just saying what you think they'd like to hear).What I mean is stating that your friend is always the life of the party might come off as immature, whereas saying she takes on a role of leadership in group situations and has a great talent for mobilizing and energizing people might be interpreted more favorably.There are three main questions you should ask yourself before you start outlining and drafting: Personal Qualities and Traits As you start brainstorming, try to come up with a list of the qualities that most impress you and others about your friend. If she's applying to be pre-med, you could talk about her passion for helping people and somewhat annoying tendency to pick science documentaries on movie nights.In other words, find out what your friend is saying in other parts of her application, as well as what's missing.Once you've narrowed down the traits you'd like to focus on in your letter, you can move onto the second phase of brainstorming: thinking of specific stories and examples., where new and established students get together to have lunch and share their experiences.


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