David Copperfield Character Analysis Essay

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It is concerned with the power of memory – how memory has the ability to heal psychic wounds.

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As always, events in his own life influenced the type of novel he would write and the key theme – or “leading idea” – that would guide the enterprise.

William Hall, the man who had published Dickens’s first sketch fourteen years earlier had died in March; Dickens attended the funeral in Highgate Cemetry and spent a good deal of time thinking about the man and the effect that he’d had on his life., Dickens had been much moved by the long account of the decline and death of the young Paul Dombey – especially as he had narrated that section from the lad’s point-of-view.

He demanded quiet; in his house in Devonshire Terrace, he had a second door added to the entrance into his study, in order to keep out any noise.

He wrote with a goose-quill pen, dipping it into blue ink, on blue-grey pieces of paper measuring 8 ¾ inches by 7 ¼ inches.

And then it would be an evening spent with family and friends, before retiring punctually at midnight.

Dickens's desk was set in front of a window, so that he could gaze out at the world, but not really focusing on much - his mind being lost in the fictional world of his imagination. I think this is the third or fourth time that I’ve read it, and it always delights.It's impossible to resist story-telling that is this vigorous and poetic. in April 1848, Charles Dickens took a break of about six months before contemplating a new novel in the last few months of that same year.He would rise at seven o’clock; eat breakfast at eight; and be in his study at nine.He would remain at his desk for five hours – until two in the afternoon.He constantly took long walks during the day and night through the streets of London pondering his book.He described the process as a “violent restlessness … Eventually he committed himself to an autobiographical novel written in the first person. His main problem seemed to be finding the right tone.On January 15, Catherine Dickens gave birth to another son, their eighth child.Charles named the boy Henry Fielding, after the eighteenth-century author of , whose spirit and style – Forster later recalled – Dickens hoped to emulate in his new work.Dickens said it reminded him of the Medway he had known as a child in Kent.Yarmouth would become the atmospheric home of the Peggotty family in the new book.


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