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From time to time people have questioned whether Pelzer’s story is true.

From time to time people have questioned whether Pelzer’s story is true.

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As a result of the success of these memoirs, book publishers discovered that there was a huge market for autobiographical stories in which people told of the horrible abuse they suffered in childhood and adolescence.

Publishers prefer to describe these books as “inspirational memoirs” rather than “misery lit.” These books tend to follow a familiar pattern.

David now at the age of 4 and his "relationship"with his mother has changed beyond belief.

A loving caring mother that once loved her son so very much, turned into the sick devil that she is.

To satisfy his thirst at night time he would suck a leaky spout in the garage.

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Other "games" that David's mother would do is, the gas chamber, where she would put a mixture of amonia and Clorox in a bucket and then lock David in the bathroom for several hours at a time.A woman who played sick "mind games" for her pleasure.It began when David didn't finish doing his chores on time, his mother made him stand in the bathroom and look at the mirror and repeat hours at a time "I'm a bad boy". Middle In the winter to keep warm he would curl into a little ball and tuck his hands under his arm pits.A boy "blessed" with a loving family and perfect parents and two other brothers.A family that showed love and support to one another.But in no way does this detract the quality of the book. Discuss how Dave's attitude toward life changes from the beginning of the book to the end. Evaluate the relationship between Dave and his mother.There really is no reason at all to doubt Dave’s story. Ziegler, Dave’s former teacher, writes in a note appended to A Child Called “It,” that the case of Dave was “the third-worst case of child abuse on record in the entire state of California.” “Misery lit” is the popular name given to a subgenre of the memoir that emerged following Pelzer’s A Child Called It (1995).Some also trace the origin of “misery lit” to Frank Mc Court’s Angela’s Ashes (1996), a memoir of his deprived childhood in Ireland (1996).When you almost die, you take nothing for granted..that's the glory of life.Dave's latest book A Man named Dave completes the trilogy of his life story.


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