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at 9 AM in a packed IMAX theater, and boy was it was worth it.

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Indeed, Dent’s journey from light to darkness is handled plausibly and adeptly in the film, which makes his story arc monstrously tragic.

Many people have remarked on how depressing the film is and I would say that I mostly agree: The Joker’s ability to destroy that which Dent loves and turn him to the evil that he becomes is sad in a way that can only be experienced by seeing the film.

It’s an attempt at coming to grips with some of the themes in the movie, a cathartic but not exhaustive brain dump. As a man, he can be corrupted, he can be killed, and ultimately, he can be defeated.

As a symbol he can become far more, and at the end of , he becomes, to society, an uncontainable force in very much the same way the Joker was.

I will not make any overtly political statements here, except to say that the complacency with which we as Americans have accepted atrocities and miscarriages of justice committed around the world as well as right here at home may have consequences beyond what we can imagine.

The Joker’s monologue points to our baffling perceptions and reactions to the events that disrupt our lives.In our society, what exactly constitutes cause for alarm? What do people do when they are put in the worst of situations?What would you do if you were given the ultimate power over someone else?In order to keep from tearing itself to shreds, society needs to believe in the incorruptibility of good and the relative remoteness of evil. Simultaneously, it’s also made clear that, in fact, Batman never succumbs to his own dark, inner urges.In the movie, Bruce Wayne says the line, “I’ve seen what I have to become to fight men like him,” and he rejects the path he has to take to stop Joker, a man who has no rules whatsoever.The Joker is unpredictable and can’t be reasoned with, nor does he have any broader goals except to create chaos and destruction.When people violate this personal space, the results can be terrifying.The dichotomy that the film sets up between Joker and Batman is one of chaos vs. The dichotomy between Joker and Dent is one of good vs. “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” These words, spoken by Harvey Dent in the film and its trailers, portend the inevitable corruptibility of heroes in the Batman universe.At the beginning of the film, Dent represents absolute good, a goodness that’s so pure, that has so much potential to change Gotham, that even Batman is thinking of hanging up his spurs.In one of the more memorable scenes from the film, the two have a showdown in Gotham’s city streets, the Joker manically screaming “Hit me!” as Batman is propelled towards him in the bat pod.


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