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Indians love these peaks because they are a part of every Indian's life.

Indians revere the mountains, as they would, the father.

Indian history follows a continuous process of reinvention that can eventually prove elusive for those seeking to grasp its essential character.

The history of this astonishing sub continent dates back to five thousand years ago, when the inhabitants of the Indus Valley Civilisation had developed an urban culture based on commerce and sustained by agricultural trade.

This paved the way for the Muslim invasion into India during the early half of the eleventh century.

The next Muslim ruler to invade India Mohammad Ghauri attacked India and after some futile resistance by the local leadership he founded a foreign empire in India.

Here is brief account of the History of India, which seeks to articulate the undying magic of the amazing nation that - in the words of American author Mark Twain - 'all men long to see, and having seen it once, would not give up that glimpse for all the wonders of the world'.

India's first major civilisation flourished around 2500 BC in the Indus river valley.

This civilisation, which lasted for 1000 years, and is known as the Harappan culture, appears to have been the culmination of thousands of years of settlement. From around 1500 BC onwards, Aryan tribes from Afghanistan and Central Asia began to filter into northwest India.

Eventually these tribes were able to control the whole of Northern India, and many of the original inhabitants, the Dravidians, were pushed into south India.


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