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With a solid business plan in hand, you’ll have a much higher chance at succeeding when you pose your idea to the crowd.Not only will it help you create a more solid, unique, fund-worthy product, it will also help ensure your money is collected and used responsibly for the long term so your entrepreneurial bubble doesn’t burst.

Some crowdfunding websites will not let you post your campaign unless you have a set funding goal and timeframe.

There are a number of crowdfunding websites that let you post your business proposal to attract backers.

Connecting potential entrepreneurs with millions of micro-investors, the platform has helped fund and launch countless new enterprises, and it’s given a realistic platform for countless bright, young business owners who would otherwise have nowhere to go. It isn’t a money tree, nor can it be fully taken advantage of by any business that signs up for it. When you first came up with it, it likely seemed like a miraculous gift, but that’s because you hadn’t had a chance to think it through fully.

Like with pitching to angel investors or venture capitalists, you’ll need to have a solid foundation for your idea before jumping onto your crowdfunding platform of choice. If you take your freshly concocted idea straight to the crowdfunding market, your audience’s first impressions might be wasted on a flawed model.

For example, you can set that for every donation of $10, you will acknowledge the donor on your product’s website.

For every donation of , you will discount 5% off the purchase of your product.

You can find further information about crowdfunding platforms on the ASIC website.

The advantages of crowdfunding over other sources of funding can include: Here are some steps to follow if you would like to try crowdfunding for your business idea or product. Since you are trying to show people why they should support your product, you need to clearly show them: It is important to manage expectations, so your backers can track your progress.

Writing a business plan will help you flesh out these potential costs and prepare the amount of money you’ll actually need to get off the ground.

It can also help you come up with reasonable offerings for each donation level that allow you to remain profitable.


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