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Commonly used in the legal field where precision and reasoning is critical. For a more detailed overview of the test, how it is assessed and how to prepare See Wiki Jobs The Bar Course Aptitude Test (BCAT) is based upon the same methodology as the Watson Glaser test and is used for entry to the Bar Professional Training Course.

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At Coburg Banks, we’re not a major fan of interview brainteasers.

The answer to the question is roughly 200 million kg of potatoes, however, like our other brainteasers, it’s not about finding the perfect answer; it’s about how they work it out! If your candidate gets anywhere near, then that’s impressive enough.

If they don’t get anywhere near but explain calculations that are based on sensible presumptions, then it’s a great sign.

If a candidate appears to get confused by the question and the method they come up with doesn’t make any systematic or organisational sense, this could be a reflection on their general administrative skills.

However, there’s nothing wrong with a candidate who asks you to repeat the question or explain in more detail; sensible candidates will want to ensure the question is answered well, without rushing in without a clue.However, if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right!This week, we’re breaking down brainteasers, so you can make a more informed decision – This little gem is attributed to Apple Inc and there clearly isn’t a ‘right answer.’However, you can still use it to assess your interviewee’s ability to think critically and make well-formed arguments.The answer is simple, when you know it: Goodness knows why a farmer would be hanging around with a fox…Candidates who take the time to understand each varying element and work their way through potential answers strategically, are most likely to be impressive problem-solvers.In group interviews, look out for candidates who facilitate the discussion, taking into account everyone’s opinion and helping them reach a conclusion; they’re the leader.Ask your candidate to talk you through their sums as they go along.You’ll soon suss it out if they can’t add up properly! Or did you work out the sneaky little plot twist within?The arguments cover a range of topics and situations which average GMAT-takers would be expected to be able to understand, even if they are not very familiar with the subject area. You do need to be able to evaluate a piece of reasoning.Before taking the test you should do all the critical reasoning questions in The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition .Having missed the revealing reference to Tracy, some candidates may try to outsmart the question by concluding it’s impossible to know.(It is probable that the fourth child is called July, but not certain.)Unfortunately, both answers are just wrong!


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