Critical Thinking Method

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This straightforward guide will provide you with a great starting point, looking at the definition of critical thinking and working through five methods of improving it.

In the simplest terms, critical thinking is about carefully analyzing, processing and making sense of information.

The Individual Component includes three steps: –List –Evaluate, and –Restructure; whereas the Team-based Component consists of three steps: –List, –Discuss and Evaluate, and –Integrate and Restructure.

In each component, the learner is given essential opportunity to practice high level thinking and independent reasoning, and another chance to discuss and debate with other learners leading to an effective critical thinking medium.

It’s tempting to imagine that good critical thinkers ask erudite, convoluted questions when they’re trying to solve a problem. The better you are at critical thinking, the more fundamental and clear your questions become.

To enhance your questioning when problem-solving (and thereby improve your critical thinking abilities), make sure you break questions down.

Yes, they’re easier to acquire for some people than others, but they can in principle be cultivated in anyone.

This means that if you want to be a good critical reasoner, you need to remember that becoming a critical thinking is all about practice. There are certain muscles you need to build over time.

This paper presents and explains a new method for applying and promoting critical thinking for online education.

The presented method can be applied in both online and regular classroom contexts, with being more practical and more appropriate for online education.


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