Critical Thinking And Problem Solving Skills

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In reality, all of us are constantly trying to solve problems – professional, academic, or personal.

In reality, all of us are constantly trying to solve problems – professional, academic, or personal.

Most people find it helpful to learn specific problem-solving techniques applied to their particular area of interest – this is especially true if critical thinking does not come naturally to you.

However, understand that even the best thinkers need some ideas every now and then, and even the most innovative people get their start by emulating others.

Critical thinking can be based on previously successful thought systems, or it can be pursued more inventively.

Critical thinking is absolutely necessary to problem-solving.

The only determinations you can make without critical thinking are those that are habitual or gut reaction.

If you want to break out of a rut or take a more intelligent approach, then try to learn and apply new thought methods.An excellent source of practical problem-solving insight is Linked In Learning, the online learning center of the Linked In website.Linked In Learning offers an extensive list of online courses, all of which cover highly practical topics and skills.To reach a goal, you have to develop a plan that takes into account the people, resources, cause-and-effect relationships, and time constraints involved. Good problem solvers could be thought of as having focused and directed open-mindedness.Critical thinking and problem-solving activities look different in different academic or professional fields.The internet has made it a small world, but ironically, we now see what a big world it really is: There is so much information, so many modes of thought, and so many valuable skills.We have all heard teachers and thought leaders extol critical thinking and problem-solving, but such skills seem abstract and not really to-the-point as we go through life in our little worlds.The course starts by defining critical thinking as an independent, in-depth questioning of the self and moves on to cover the big ideas of critical thinking as applied to business.Whether you are fixing a glitch or planning to achieve something, a critical first step is to properly define the problem.There are 3 main categories: business, creative, and technology.While you might see yourself as fitting only one of these categories, it is likely worth your while to peruse the courses in the other two categories – you might be surprised what you find and how interrelated the courses in each category are.


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