Critical Thinking And Learning Styles Of Students

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In the third module, the students post their assignments online and provide feedback to each other.

“By the third module, I expect them to have some skills for looking at a theme and analyzing how the facts support that theme.

Renzulli and Dai (2001) determined that the individual’s knowing how to learn made the first step to learn better or to be active in the process of learning.

In this regard, an individual knowing how to learn might be defined as one who knows his own features, or in other words, his own “learning style”.

This exercise also highlighted students’ different perspectives on the materials.

For example, an art major might analyze a video using a different set of criteria than a science major.

“I think it’s far easier to teach critical thinking online than in a face-to-face class,” Armstrong says.

“You don’t have the time constraints of a fifty-minute class in which students are forced to think critically maybe when they’re hungry or tired or worried about a test in another class that day.

You can ask them to analyze what you’ve taught in that unit because they’ve actually paid attention and thought about it,” Armstrong says.

The key to teaching critical thinking is to walk students through the process.


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