Critical Thinking Across The Curriculum

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The authors present original beautifully illustrated children's stories that take abstract ideas, philosophical questions and critical skills as their central themes.They make the unfamiliar and complex ideas concrete and easily understandable.

International in scope and in magnitude, these new problems strain resources and threaten the continuance of life on earth.

To creatively and effectively attack these imminent problems, a well educated, thinking populace is essential.

Using these cases as a vehicle to help students both understand and apply the cognitive and affective components that influence critical thinking, it enhances their reasoning skills on common and complex health problems, and allows them to practice attitude and cognitive thinking skills in a safe environment.

Easily incorporated throughout the entire nursing curriculum, this workbook is ideal for assignments, as a springboard for classroom discussions, or as a self-directed text.

Chapters are as follows: (1) What Is Critical Thinking across the Curriculum? ; (3) Why We Normally Fail To Teach Critical Thinking in the Classroom; (4) Attributes of an Effective Methodology for Teaching Critical Thinking; (5) Introduction to Means-Ends Critical Analysis of Subject Matter (MECA/SM); (6) Fundamentals of MECA/SM Methodology; (7) How to Use MECA/SM Methodology in Your Classroom; (8) Critical Thinking across the Curriculum with MECA/SM; (9) An Invitation; and (10) The Principles of Critical Thinking across the Curriculum: A Manifesto for the Analytical Classroom.

A bibliography containing 87 references and an index are attached.The book is distinguished by its clear writing style, humorous tone, many practical examples and anecdotes, and rigorous academic grounding.Everyday examples and exercises promote the transfer of critical thinking skills and dispositions to real-world settings and problems.The model of critical thinking (used throughout the book) is in terms of theelements of reasoning,standards, andcritical thinking processes.This model is well-suited to thinking throughanyproblem or question.Contents include an introduction to critical thinking, an historical overview of critical thinking, an in-depth discussion on the affective and cognitive components of critical thinking, plus complete explanations on how to use activities in the book. Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) in Premature Infant. An abridged edition of Halpern's best-selling text, Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum is designed to help students enhance their thinking skills in every class.The skills discussed are needed in every academic area and setting -- both in and out of class.For sophomore/senior level-courses in Maternal Child Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Home Care Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, and Mental Health Nursing; requires a prerequisite course in Fundamentals of Nursing. Written by a leader in the movement to incorporate critical thinking skills into the classroom learning environment, this innovative and insightful workbook contains 92 real-life cases that address all aspects of nursing care—assessment, analyzing data, planning care, evaluating benefits and possible consequences of care, and more.


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