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I have learned that a book is more than a story being told.

For the first time there was a scientific theory, which suggested that human beings as well as animals have natural instincts which are merely things passed down through the genetic code.

In , London dwells a great deal on animal instinct, for Buck's ability to listen to his instinct both makes him more and more powerful and draws him more and more deeply towards the wild.

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It was as if hundreds of years of knowledge, learned by his ancestors, were dug up and brought out.

Buck proceeded to lose all the fat in his body and replace it with muscle...At the end of it reads that "the years were not many when the Yeehats noted a change in the breed of timber wolves; for some were seen with splashes of brown on head and muzzle, and with a rift of white centered down the chest." Buck has had many children, children who will inherit from Buck all of the experience and "fitness" of their ancestors.This theme also relates to London's interest in Charles Darwin's and Herbert Spenser's work.Essay text: Buck had to learn many things if he was to survive in this frigid land.He had to learn to sleep under the snow, and to eat his food as fast as possible so as not to have it stolen.We're sorry, this computer has been flagged for suspicious activity.If you are a member, we ask that you confirm your identity by entering in your email.At about this point in the book, we see Buck start to go through a metamorphosis of sorts...Showed first 250 characters He transforms from housedog to a more primitive, savage version of his former self.Merriam Webster’s explain Social Darwinist “to study of the human society, specifically a theory I human sociology that individuals or groups achieve advantages over others as the result of genetic or biological superiority.In class my classmates interpret it as “the survival of the fittest.” I agree with them, but I feel that you have to learn and gain from your mistakes.


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