Criminology Dissertation Ideas

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Fenwick PDF The roles of social bonds, personality, and rational decision-making: An empirical investigation into hirschi's "new" control theory, Jonathan Intravia PDF Power-control theory: An examination of private and public patriarchy, Jessica Nicole Mitchell PDF The influence of parental support on antisocial behavior among sixth through eleventh graders, José Ordóñez PDF A rational choice approach to professional crime using a meta-synthesis of the qualitative literature, Douglas J.

Wholl PDF A group-based approach to examining the association among risky sexual behavior, drug use, and criminal involvement in a sample of newly arrested juvenile offenders, Kristina K.

Burch PDF Identifying the Personal and Perceived Organizational Characteristics Associated with Job Satisfaction Among Juvenile Probation Staff, Julie M.

Krupa PDF The Role of Organizational Justice in Predicting Attitudes Toward Body-Worn Cameras in Police Officers, Nathaniel L.

Hart PDF Freedom fighters, freedom haters, martyrs, and evildoers: The social construction of suicide terrorism, Cécile Valérie Van de Voorde PDF Exploring the role of social support in heterosexual women's use and receipt of non-lethal intimate partner violence, Kathryn A.

Branch PDF County level predictors of homicide and suicide in the state of Florida, Kelly K.Jarrell PDF The effect of knowledge gain on capital punishment: A partial test of the marshall hypothesis, Alexander Able Savon PDF Social structure and social learning in delinquency: A test of Akers' social structure-social learning model, Stephen W.Verrill PDF Differences in frequency and severity of violence for intimate terrorism across genders: A test of Johnson's theory, Shelly Wagers PDF Strain, personality traits, and deviance among adolescents: Moderating factors, Jennifer J.To get started on writing a criminology dissertation, students should consider some of the following topic ideas.PDF The Impact of a Religious/Spiritual Turning Point on Desistance: A Lifecourse Assessment of Racial/Ethnic Differences, Rhissa Briones Robinson PDF Political Decisions on Police Expenditures: Examining the Potential Relationship Between Political Structure, Police Expenditures and the Volume of Crime Across US States, Xavier D.The purpose of this study was to investigate the victimization experiences of children with autism spectrum disorders in the U. Autism is a neurological, lifelong developmental disorder that affects 1 in 88 children in the United States.The defining characteristics of autism are impaired social interaction and communication skills, features that have been linked to increased vulnerability among people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.Mulligan Elite Deviance, Organized Crime, and Homicide: A Cross-National Quantitative Analysis, Carol L.s.Trent PDF An Evaluation of the Utah First District Mental Health Court: Gauging the Efficacy of Diverting Offenders Suffering With Serious Mental Illness, Stephen Guy Van Geem PDF Rape, Race, and Capital Punishment in North Carolina: A Qualitative Approach to Examining an Enduring Cultural Legacy, Douglas Wholl PDF The Tattoo: A Mark of Subversion, Deviance, or Mainstream Self-Expression?Childs PDF Hate crimes and jury decision making: An exploratory study of underlying motivations of how mock jurors are influenced by extralegal factors, Vimbai Mudimu PDF State dominance and political corruption: Testing the efficacy of an alternate configuration of institutional-anomie theory cross-nationally, Carol L. Trent PDF Beyond risk factors: The theoretical contextualization of illicit ADHD medication use among high school students, William Christopher Watkins PDF Using Agnew's General Strain Theory to explain the relationship between early victimization and deviant behavior, Dena C.Caudy PDF Fabrication: Corporate and governmental crime in the apparel Industry, Danielle Mc Gurrin PDF Psychopathy, Attitudinal Beliefs, and White Collar Crime, James V.


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    SMART SENTENCING A LOOK AT THE DIFFERENTIAL EFFECTS OF PRISONS AND JAILS. Criminological research has long explored the impact of incarceration on recidivism. However this line of research typically combines jail and prison as a single type of incarceration sentence and does not distinguish.…

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    The study of criminology focuses on the behavior of criminals and the nature and causes of crime. Because of this, there are a wide variety of angles that may interest you when choosing a focus for a research paper. There are a number of psychological, social and legal issues you may want to consider.…

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