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One, you are forced to become more selfless, two, you trust to providence. If I was a materialist I would be making lots of money doing endorsements, doing cricket commentary.I have no interest in that.” IMRAN KHAN “Unless somebody can pull a miracle out of the fire, Somerset are cruising into the semi-final.” FRED TRUEMAN “In the back of Hughes mind must be the thought that he will dance down the piss and mitch one.” BRIAN JOHNSTON “No, I am not going for a curry and a few beers tonight.” TIM WHITELY “And we have just heard, although this is not the latest score from Bournemouth, that Hampshire have beaten Nottinghamshire by nine wickets.” PETER WEST “Playing against a team with Ian Chappell as a captain turns cricket match into gang warfare.” BRIAN JOHNSTON “After their 60 overs, West Indies have scored 244 for 7, all out.” FRANK BOUGH “It is as well for us to remember when we are watching the best batsmen that, however easy it may all look, they do not achieve their success without toil and sweat, and that there are times even with the greatest when they must seem to themselves, as we humble performers so frequently seem to ourselves, to be batting with a broomstick, with a barn door for a wicket.” E. Swanton DENIS COMPTON “I can’t really say I’m batting badly.

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The third challenge and issue that affects the family businesses in Malaysia is professionalism which is capability of keeping the family business up and running for a long term.

This is a very hard challenge for all the family businesses out there in Malaysia because it has many factors to look at in order to keep the family business in one piece, because family businesses often faced with conflicts between one another sometimes because of the informal business structure, like there are no roles given formally which then allows everyone can step into each other territory in the business structure which is also known as invading other’s personal workspace.

Business essay writing requires proper knowledge not only on the topic but also on essay structure, formatting, style, grammar, and appropriate lexis usage. If you don’t understand what that is you may start wrongly, and that may lead to poor essay writing and many mistakes.

That’s why each student searches for great guidelines that can help to write a cool essay. An essay on business is powerful and brief writing devoted to some market situation. A great number of students are asked to write a business essay that considers finance, marketing, management, etc.

The one who doesn’t or corrupts the game, they are the villain.

They should be punished, and they have been punished in the past.” VIRAT KOHLI “A very small crowd here today. “I used to practice at the hockey ground on synthetic surface while I was in the sports hostel, so Test cricket is certainly going to be a challenge for me.”SURESH RAINA “Kevin Pietersen felt the pitch for the Nagpur Test was the worst he has seen.” “Boycott, somewhat a creature of habit, likes exactly the sort of food he himself prefers.” DON MOSEY “It’s especially tense for parker who’s literally fighting for a place on an overcrowded plane to India.” TREVOR BAILEY “This is Cunis at the Vauxhall End. Neither one thing nor the other” Alan Gibson “The Port Elizabeth ground is more of a circle than an oval.I wish I was sometimes.” RICKY PONTING’S response to being asked how Tendulkar might be dealing with the pressure of chasing 100 international hundreds.” “What we have here is a clear case of Mann’s inhumanity to Mann” JOHN ARLOTT commenting on South African bowler “Tufty” Mann causing England batsman George Mann problems” “There are good one-day players, there are good Test players and vice versa” TREVOR BAILEY “I got hit by a monster, how do you think I am? You don’t see which is the better way to die.” MS DHINI “I bowl so slowly that if I don’t like a ball I can run after it and bring it back” J. Barrie “Many Continentals think life is a game; the English think cricket is a game.” GEORGE MIKES New Zealand’s Lou Vincent gets cheeky about playing first-class cricket after Twenty20s. Things like determination, courage, discipline, temperament, these are also talent.” RAHUL DRAVID “I have time only for cricket, and when I am not playing, I love to be at home, chat with my family, do puja with them, call for some yummy paani puri, etc. ” SURESH RAINA “It’s a unique occasion, really – a repeat of Melbourne 1977.” JIM LAKER “Cricket is a game played by 11 fools and watched by 11,000 fools,” GEORGE BERNARD SHAW “It looks more suitable for growing carrots ( FOR PITCH)” ANDY ATKINSON “MS Dhoni proves he is never at a loss for words when asked whether Rohit Sharma was susceptible against the incoming delivery.” “Well, he didn’t quite get his leg over, did he?“On the first day Logie decided to chance his arm and it came off” TREVOR BAILEY “My choice as captain would be me.” MS DHONI “Leaving out Dennis Lillee against England would be as unthinkable as the Huns dropping Attila” Commentator” “South African fast bowler Dale Steyn is happy with his choice of profession.” “Schools across India do not have teachers, libraries, playing grounds and even toilets. We judge talent by people’s ability to strike a cricket ball. ” BRIAN JOHNSTON “It’s been very slow and dull day, but it hasn’t been boring.I need to know when to switch on and switch off: and the rest of the things happen around that.Cricket is in the foreground, the rest is in the background.” SACHIN TENDULKAR “They came to see me bat not you bowl” – WG Grace, putting the bails back on his stumps after being bowled first ball.” “If he drops me I’ll never speak to him again.” “He’s usually a good puller – but he couldn’t get it up that time.” BRIAN JOHNSTON “England need to pick players who do not have skeletons in their coffins.” IAN BOTHAM “this series has been swings and pendulums all the way through.” TREVOR BAILEY “Cricket civilizes people and creates good gentlemen.I want everyone to play cricket in Zimbabwe; I want ours to be a nation of gentlemen.” Robert Mugabe “The other advantage England have got when Phil Tufnell is bowling is that he is not fielding.” Ian Chappell in 1990 “The hallmark of a great captain is his ability to win the toss at the right time.” RICHIE BENAUD “Other than his mistakes, he hasn’t put a foot wrong.” SIMON HUGHES “He played a cut so late as to be positively posthumous” JOHN ARLOTT “This shirt is unique, there are only 200 of them.” RICHIE BENAUD “I’ve never got to the bottom of streaking” JONATHAN AGNEW “In the game of cricket it has always been customary to accord more adulation to batsman than to bowlers.” PEEBLES “He came in from the outfield there like an absolute rabbit.” HENRY BLOFELD “Tufnell! I’m building an idiot” Australian fan to England spinner Phil Tufnell “A stroke of a man knocking a thistle top with a walking stick” JOHN ARLOTT “When someone gets a stomach upset, it’s because of the IPL.If someone gets an outside edge, it’s because of the IPL.” “The Test Match begins in ten minutes – that’s our time, of course.” DAVID COLEMAN “Well, Andrew Strauss is certainly an optimist—he’s come out wearing sunblock” Australian commentator “Cricket is a pressure game, and when it comes to an India-Pakistan match the pressure is doubled.” IMRAN KHAN “And Jajeda is dijappointed…Jadeja is ji.. But, at home everybody’s a vegetarian, so I can’t cook non-veg at home!It is why I leave with sadness but also with pride.” RAHUL DRAVID “Well, Wally, Ive been watching this game both visually and on TV.” KEN BARRINGTON “In cricket, my superhero is SACHIN TENDULKAR.He has always been my hero and will continue to remain so.“Before you lay a foundation on the cricket field, there should be a solid foundation in your heart and you start building on that.After that as you start playing more and more matches, you learn how to score runs and how to take wickets.” SACHIN TENDULKAR “I was complexed and awkward that I was good for nothing and was always lying.


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