Creative Writing Group Ideas

In order to get into the right creative space, you need to feel at ease with your fellow writers. And get everyone to say something in the big group at the beginning of every meeting so all members feel involved from the start.

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After agreeing on a specific conflict and whose the players will be, each group member can take on the role of one of the characters, writing his account of the events.

For example, the story could be about a car accident where an elderly woman drove into a swimming pool.

Before your group meets, prepare four different sets of note cards by writing down different ideas for story characters, conflicts, settings and genres.

To begin the activity at your meeting, each group member randomly chooses a card from each category.

They must then work together to create a story that incorporates all four of the elements on the cards.

For example, their story could be a mystery set in Texas about a circus performer who's facing the theft of his favorite hamster.

Group members can bring their own stories to a meeting then sit in a circle and pass their manuscripts to the person on their right.

After reading them, each member must then write a new ending to the story.

Most people think of fiction writing as a solitary act, where authors toil alone in silence to concoct the perfect plot.

In creative writing groups, though, creating collaborative short stories lets you pool your individual talents while fostering a spirit of teamwork among fellow authors.


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