Creative Writing Definition And Examples

Creative writing can be used for entertainment, informative, or persuasive purposes.This type of writing can also be used to convey an emotion.

Otherwise, it’s not regarded as worthy of the reading, or the reciting, or any choice of storing it within a published anthology, or on the Internet.

Imaginative writing applies to writers choosing to write on the spot without even bothering with knowing the ending.

Either way, the mind’s eye gets conscious or subconscious details leading somewhere the writer finds helpful, or must edit to make it helpful. The words got translated into mental images and memories.

Imaginative writing isn’t limited to whatever the information details provide. Now switch the storyline to say it was on the planet Mars and everything changes based on what you know about Mars.

To an editor, on the other hand, style refers to the mechanics of writing, i.e., grammar and punctuation.

These rules change depending on what field you're in.

So imagination plays its part even after the poetry has been completed…Or for a Christian storyline, it could be a visit to Heaven, meeting Jesus, learning important information then returning to Earth with a prophetic message…Or for a superhero poem, it could be the necessary research about the characters and then seeing how that information played out, as the telepathic TV display shows me the ideas.

Imagination can play its part in our daydreams just as much as in our dreams. You became the character only because your mind has been trained to use your imagination based on the wording and the sequence of the information.

Writers can embellish a basic storyline with added descriptions of how the 5 senses would perceive or receive the environment. He could smell the forest odours and see the birds flying around or settling in the trees then hearing them singing to one another. You still respond, if you choose to, based upon the suspension of disbelief. or you didn’t…So imaginative writing is firmly connected to the reader’s imaginative reading…

EXAMPLE: The man woke up in a forest without a clue how he got there. Though concerned about his circumstances, he still experienced a sense of tranquillity that reminded him of his childhood camping days.


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