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We teach personification (and pathetic fallacy) and extended metaphor.If you are interested in the daily writing calendars they can be found on TPT here.

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We ask: * As a side note here, I tend not to encourage the use of poetic techniques in prose writing (alliteration, onomatopoeia etc).Ray and Lisa Cleaveland say, "We are careful to use the words most writers in the world use for the important concepts of writing . Students might also earn credit by reading one of their pages aloud in front of the class.back to top Creating a Feast for the Senses With Mentor Texts This lesson teaches intermediate students to "use the experts" to learn how to revise to create sharp, sensory-rich experiences for their readers.My writing has shifted in style too, sometimes daily it seems. So we return again to narrative voice and style – who is this person telling this story? What do they need the reader to know, to feel, to think? So this year, we have been giving students the opportunity to write more. We have a huge collection of mini-exemplars available for any and every purpose.back to top The Lewis and Clark Expedition reached the Pacific Ocean in 1805.Students look at Kenneth Holder's paintings of the Lewis and Clark trail and transform their notes into a descriptive paragraph as if they were a member of the expedition. Students make mental "snapshots" of a natural setting, then capture the details of their setting by writing and then creating a class booklet of the nature walk.Now at 40, my writing voice is no more confident or certain, it is changing again. Every time I sit down to write (honestly now perhaps 3 or 4 times a week) I start with anxiety. Like so many things in English – we as teachers are often the jack-of-all-trades, and while I don’t necessarily want to use the word ‘master’, I must confess that even with over 20 years of writing, a degree and a Masters in it – I still don’t feel well qualified to teach it in the classroom. We do this daily (if possible) sometimes in class, sometimes at home.Bleak landscapes inhabited by warm-hearted individuals; pain moulded relationships living in richly symbolic environments. I have started generating Writing Calendars for students and colleagues who want to write every day. At the end of a particular session of writing (perhaps 3 lessons, perhaps 6) students then choose which piece they would like to develop. It would be very easy to use the word ‘improve’ but improvements often imply a prescriptive success criteria that requires students to write more like Dickens and less like Hemingway.Let's face it, almost every famous writer can be found in a situation when he/she is supposed to write something creative, but the mind goes blank.What to speak about a student who is assigned to many different tasks?


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