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Creative Journal Writing Prompts-25
He believes Forestier to be the long hunted for “rose murderer.” That murderer always leaves the rare rose variety “Farewell” on his victims’ bodies.

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They had always pushed back any feelings for each other, “we are just friends.” (Yeah, right…! Now Rachel bursts into is home in a last, unexpected try to convince Robert he is marrying the wrong woman and she and he are meant for each other. After a lot of passionate talk and tears, Rachel gets him to agree to a game: “Can you guess what I would do…?

It’s Rachel, the girl that grew up next door and has been his best friend ever since.

Others are writing exercises to help reframe the negative thinking and to help find a more happy perspective.

You can find all kinds of creative writing exercises here. Infuriated, she grabs one of his golf clubs, and swings at his car till it looks worse than a bicycle under a freight train.

If I take some time to slow down and spend a little time writing out my thoughts, my mood really improves.

I have decided to create a special section in my bujo binder and want to use some journal prompts to help me to work through those moments when my brain starts acting up.Emphasize the contrast between the nonchalant everyday business of the doctor and her assistants, and Lucas’ timid desire to ask her out. Naomi sees dark silhouettes sneaking around with flashlights.Whatever angle he takes, he is running out of time and of Jasmin’s professional attention. Describe his troubled inner life, and your reader will identify strongly and feel for him. One night she decides to sneaks closer, and through a gap in the curtains sees a stack of antlers and fur: She has discovered the sinister doings of poachers.Animal-loving Naomi is at her parents’ holiday home. Will Naomi alert the police, or will she be so furious she decides to act on her own?Will she stay undiscovered once the van’s headlights show up on the hill? Make the readers wonder “What the heck is going on…?It has been a wonderful help in keeping me It keeps me focused, and helps to give me perspective when I started feeling anxious, or I hit a bit of a sad patch in my life.Writing has also been a sort of therapy for me when it comes to my anxiety and depression.Your reader will find their obstacles very different, but equally painful to his own, and love you for it. His teeth are very healthy, but he is coming into Jasmin’s practice for the third time within three months, in the hope he will be capable of asking her out in a quiet moment, when nobody is listening.Unfortunately, the doctor has three assistants and one secretary, and even the door to the waiting room doesn’t look too soundproof… Or will Robert win and watch devastated Rachel walk off into the night, frustration in his heart and tears in his eyes? these two are meant for each other: Let them remember what they appreciate so much in each other (show, don’t tell), the special moments they shared, show the missed romantic opportunities, and how they complement each other perfectly. Will Rachel win and they will spend the night on a bus, escaping the wedding?


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