Cover Letter For Paralegal Resume

While many applicants would at least submit their resume, the majority would likely fail to submit a cover letter, writing sample, and/or pay rate.Failure to follow these instructions often gives hiring managers a reason to toss your resume immediately.

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In closing, I am thrilled at the possibility and would love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the value I can bring to the Greenwell & Blacksmith Law Firm.

I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon.

If your cover letter isn't tailored to the specific job, the hiring manager could easily make negative assumptions about your lack of attention to detail if you were to work for the firm.

Your cover letter should outline how you are uniquely qualified for the position to which you are applying rather than rehash the information contained in your resume.

Many applicants fail to include a cover letter, instead of making statements like, “Resume attached,” “I’m the writer for you,” or nothing at all.

Your cover letter is your first introduction to a potential employer.

Don’t include information as to why you need the job or self-serving statements such as, “Contact me to learn my pay rates,” or “I’m interested in this position, can you forward more information?

”Instead, show that you're proactive and will contact and follow up with the firm.

It does not make a good first impression, and it indicates carelessness and a lack of interest in the job.

Be sure to review the ad several times and follow all instructions outlined in the job posting.


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