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Students should review the college website and blogs to learn about campus future plans, goals and the types of students the campus is recruiting before crafting an answer. Admission Decisions Admission Essays Adult Students Athletes and College Campus Safety Career Planning and College Choosing the best college for you College Admission Deadlines College Admission Decisions College Admission Essays College Admission Tests College application process College Applications College Buyer Beware College Camp College Choice College Costs College Counseling and Advising College Entrance Exams College Freshman Adjustment College Graduation and Beyond College Major College Myths College Prep College Prep Opportunities College Recruitment College Scholarships College succcess College Transfer Early preparation for college Education Consumerism FAFSA FInancial Aid Financial Aid and Scholarships GAP Year GAP Year and Summer Programs Getting in...not Good advice Grad School Graduate to a Job Highly Selective Colleges IEP It's all in the timing Jobs Kids Today Learning Disability Accommodations Majors Maturity Media Treatment of College Information Money and College MOOC Moolahversity Online College Parent and Grandparent Support Parent and Grandparent Support in the College Process Parent and student relationships in the college process Parenting Teens Picking a college Planning for College Success Positioning Students for Success SAT and ACT Scholarships Social Media and College Start Planning Early Student Development Student Loan Debt Student Loans Student Posts About Their Experiences Success Hints Summer Activities Summer college prep Surviving fall semester fo the senior year The College-Job Connection The Junior Year To-do lists Transcripts Value of College Among the popular questions colleges ask as part of the admission process is what the student will contribute to the campus.

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The pointers shared in this video will enable you to consolidate your thoughts in a structured manner and produce a well-written MBA Applications essay.

How to Write the Contribution Essay While researching MBA programs, you will find that all of them heavily feature peer learning as part of their teaching methodology.

The contributions essay question is typically something along the lines of "Peer learning is an important part of the MBA experience.

How will your presence contribute to the learning experience of your peers?

The following is an extensive list of elements that can be mentioned in your contributions essay to suggest that you possess an academic bent of mind; please go through it carefully and see which ones apply to you.

Strong Analytical and Quantitative skills | Robust Academic Record | Subject Matter Expertise | Cross-Functional Knowledge | Significant Academic or Professional Certifications | Scholarships, Awards, Honors, etc. Professional Maturity MBA admissions committees favor candidates who display professional maturity, as that suggests that they have a wealth of experience that they shall share with the class; that is why admissions committees look for candidates with a diverse range of experiences, who will also, be open to contributing outside the classroom.Years of Experience | Industry | Functional Area | Performance-promotions, quantifiable impact, etc.| Exposure, roles, cultures, domains, Leadership Experience Diverse Co-Curricular Experiences In addition to your professional experiences, it is also advisable to mention any significant experiences that you have had outside the workplace, in your MBA contributions essay.Remember, the ending that you write for your contributions essay must firmly suggest that your presence will enhance the learning experience of your batchmates.Contribution as an Alum Occasionally, a school might ask also you to mention how you will contribute to the school as an alum, in your contributions essay.- The ability to overcome adversity Through this virtue, you can suggest that uncertain socio-economic conditions will not prevent you from becoming a worthy alumnus to the school.- Excellent team skills The MBA curriculum rests on team projects; team skills will help a candidate contribute to the collaborative learning environment.Properly conveying this type of information can be tricky and many applicants do not know where to begin; the following is a good approach to answering this section of the class contribution essay.Mention the contributions as an alum in a separate paragraph and be sure to provide a bouquet of reasons.Your level of professional maturity may be the most critical factor that must be included in your MBA contributions essay.The following is an extensive list of elements that can be mentioned in your MBA contributions essay to suggest that you possess professional maturity; please go through it carefully and see which ones are a proper fit for you to mention.


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